[RoMoFA] Romanian ambassadors - September 2015

Day 2,856, 09:44 Published in Romania Romania by Ministry of Foreign Affairs RO

Good evening, citizens!

In this short note I present you the Romanian ambassadors for the month being.
Without any further ado, let's greet them and wish them good luck in their business!
Here they are:

Republic of Moldova and Russia - Adrian1444
Belarus and Portugal - Demidicus
Bulgaria and Ukraine - Dobraa
Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) - HardFly
Chile and United Kingdom - Mircea.cel.Batran
Argentina and Serbia - Navigator111
Hungary and USA - Sarmisegetusa Baasileion

This month, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is composed of Bogdan Armand Sibrand(Minister) and rareshandrei, Cucu Andrei and daliahme(vice-Ministers). If you have any queries you can contact any of them.

Best regards!
Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs