[Ro] Official statement regarding Hungarian MTO attempt

Day 2,850, 00:34 Published in Romania Romania by Ministry of Foreign Affairs RO

Acesta va fi un anunt scurt.

Acum putin timp Nemesis au inceput un Military Coup in Ungaria.
Guvernul Romaniei nu sustine si nu este in niciun fel implicat in aceasta actiune.

Avem rugamintea sa nu va implicati in treburile interne ale Ungariei si sa nu luptati acolo.

[EN] Version
This will be a short statement.

A little while ago a Coup was started in Hungary by a rogue military unit ( Nemesis ) as their birthday action.
Some may remember them for their actions in Switzerland and Brazil (a couple of years ago).

The Romanian Government is in no way associated with this Coup, nor does it support it.

We urge all Romanian players to stay out of Hungary's internal affairs, and to not fight in this coup.

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs