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[repost] Apology to Mr. Pig

Day 1,970, 10:25 Published in Austria Austria by Harzakc

Dear Mr. Pig!

I'm sorry having accused you of being are multi-making-cheating-PTOer (=tiger).

I respect you and your fellows - which i cannot claim (and NEVER will) from any member of the tigers.

Keep it real man!




Pargali Ibrahim Pasha
Pargali Ibrahim Pasha Day 1,970, 10:40

What TIGERS doing you?

Schwrzwolf Day 1,970, 14:58

Multies & cheating people into giving you citizenship for example.

Pargali Ibrahim Pasha
Pargali Ibrahim Pasha Day 1,971, 05:58

How many multis has OIP?

Schwrzwolf Day 1,971, 06:13

Comment deleted

Schwrzwolf Day 1,971, 06:14

Let me count: ... 0. Zero. The leadership of this party has never created multies and won't do this in the future. As anyone can be member of a party in erepublik, we can't guarantee that for all our members however. Still, the veteran members of the ÖIP all are multi-free and reliable.

(alright, there was the exception of Emmerich, but he later turned out to be a Kurucs-PTOer)

Schwrzwolf Day 1,971, 06:14

Ah, this new comment system is too complicated for me : D

Wiener Schnitzel VI
Wiener Schnitzel VI Day 1,973, 02:24

macht nichts o7,
Tiger können nicht glauben : P

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