[RC] - Red Coat's - Update 50cc Jobs

Day 2,127, 07:21 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by D I W

We are the Red Coats. A Family Military Unit in the eUK who strike hard and strike fast. We are politically neutral and consist of members from a range of different parties.

Command Team

D I W - Commander
Keep Calm - 2nd in Command
Deepfryedmarsbar - 2nd in Command
Hendrik Laanemee - Captain

Glad to announce Hendrik was re-elected as Captain and hope he keeps up the stirling work

Encase you’ve been asleep this last week you’ll have heard there is a Epic war Competition, and due to the hard work of all the UK we currently 15th in the New World, The Red Coat’s hit as hard as any other unit and a few of our members are in the Top 50.


We have unconventional supplies instead of sending Tanks over everyday where people end up waiting for them instead you take job’s with the commander at 50cc a day YES 50CC meaning you can buy your own Weapons meaning you can buy between 5 & 6 Q7's or 14 Q6's.

Our members are also very generous with supplies given out from time to time


We are wanting you to join a MU that has always been friendly yet hard hitting, in these times of hardship with MU’s struggling to to keep there members with the MU tournament taking members away to the bigger Unit’s we want to remind people that we are all just as important to fighting for the UK are her allies.


Strike are on every Friday, you can hit at any time and any map,
but to reserve your Q7 tanks you need to fill in the forum.

Strike Form

Maximum tanks you can claim is limited to 13.

Let’s show up in force and show the UK might be small but it is mighty


At Red Coats if you increase your Military Rank, your XP level,
get a TP medal or you win a CH-BH medal post on the wall to receive your 10 Q7 Tanks and 100 Q5 food regardless of Division.

That is all for now hope to see you all on the battlefield no guts no glory