"Stay Frosty" Till the Last, is the last

Day 2,380, 05:10 Published in Canada Canada by Rylde

The name of this article is immediately awesome because its a line from my favorite movie Aliens.

My true love in this game Marychan I chased her for a year to marry me in game and then chased her for another 2 years to send me a real life pic.

She sent me one after 2 years . Only after I told her I had cancer

I'm sure she's a beautiful girl.

It was about the chase.

After 2 years of asking I deleted the pic without looking.

This will be my last article. I'm sick, and not only in the head. I'm a fighter and a sh*t disturber.

I helped make this gap between our countries and as a parting gesture. lets be bro's again USA.

I don't regret anything I ever did and neither do u USA. Were stronger together than apart in this world of constantly changing alliances.

I've been playing this game for to many years USA. From one warrior to another I want peace between our nations.

This will be a first.

I was diagnosed with oral cancer 6 weeks ago that was caught to late that's spreading to my brain and I'm terminal.

I was a big part of us not being bro's anymore so my last wish is for our to nations 2 be friends again.

Kinda like make a wish erep style.

Regardless of what happens I'll miss this game and miss all of you. Marychan is in charge of all my assets and mitte is in charge of my newspaper. Both woman have full access make it work.

The Good times


CA 25