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"Grover - earn CC with your votes"

Day 1,685, 13:46 Published in Serbia Greece by Lord Tinchosss

Grover is the Organized Group of Voters for eRepublik's Articles. (Acronym in Spanish)


Make a difference Weekly!
Win up to 11 CC (1) for every vote you make in the articles of eRepublik.


* Enter you eRepublik Account ID (not the link, just an ID), type a password (not the same as in your eRepublik account, only to join Grover) and an email address (there will be sent News and mail the specifications to validate the account)

* The validation of the account is only to receivepayments. As soon as you create the account, you log in, start voting and earn your commission.

* To validate your account, you must add the code in the description of your Citizen in eRepublik. Like this:

* Validation is an automatic process and it takes 24 to 48 hours.

* To log in, you have to put your eRepublik's username and the password you specified when you registered.

Start to Vote

* Applications will appear one by one, with data: Applicant (Who hired the votes) Article (Link to the article to vote) and votes (The number of votes purchased)

* Click in the article, vote, write the number of votes that will appear (this would be your vote) inGrover, in the field called Number of vote and click Save. If there are more applications available, you will see after saving.

* If you have already voted on any items that you listed, click Ignore to move to the next.

* Below you can see always the last action you performed. If you want a full list, click on the top menu: Transactions.

* On the right you can see the balance that you have accumulated and the total number of votes you've made.

Receive your payment

* Payments are made every 7days from the date of registration. Charge only those who have validated the account.

* Payments Section will be able to see the list of payments received.

Buy Votes in Grover

* Enter your eRepublik's username (if you are registered and identified in Grover, this field is automatically completed)

* The link of the article should be complete, including the http://

* If you have a coupon code add it in the field. Below you see the same incidence rate if the coupon is right.

* Select the number of votes (it only appears the amounts authorized, we do not sell more than we can).

* If you have any comments, write it in.

* Click on send and if successful, will receive the information necessary to makethe payment and the link to see the voting process that youshould keep.

* Grover has a policy of customer satisfaction, we offer a guarantee that is to return the difference in votes that were not made based on a price of 12 CC per vote. For that, the application must have completed 72 hours.
Applications using the discount coupons will not be refunded.

* We do not sell subscriptions.

If you are interested in buying votes, request your discount coupon.




Hallas CAT
Hallas CAT Day 1,685, 16:19


ARROWCDM Day 1,685, 17:08

Yo tiro mis bombas gracias a Grover!

xXDEPREDADORXx Day 1,685, 19:04


Tute Cabrero
Tute Cabrero Day 1,685, 20:21


Qué hago en el perfil del pt ese? :cafe:

SokoBiH Day 1,686, 04:56

sa srecom

N4zGuL Day 1,686, 05:06


Alex.L Day 1,686, 18:55

I understand that this is business and just a way to earn some money in this half-dead economy module... but it is ruining media module in return.

Aleksa car
Aleksa car Day 1,687, 01:56

I am the 1000th sub.. 😃 give me some tanks xD 😃

Luka Lokt Jankovic
Luka Lokt Jankovic Day 1,687, 03:21
where i can vote, on this part of site is noting...

OpaGangnamStyle Day 1,687, 06:10


UltraSeljak Day 1,687, 10:22

Jel neko probao da poruci ovde mislim jel nece da prevare ???

General Stonewall Jackson
General Stonewall Jackson Day 1,687, 11:23

ultraseljak, pitaj PeđaT on svaki dan uplaćuje nekome glasove.

PapaPiquillo Day 1,735, 11:48

Where are the boobs!

No vote, no subscribe...FAIL!

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