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[Proteus4Poteus] Let's Talk Cabinets

Day 2,049, 00:45 Published in USA USA by Paul Proteus

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Good morning America, I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for this, but I’m finally ready to release my cabinet. Relevant reading here.

Before I start however, I’d like to address the current state of the election. To my knowledge I’m the only candidate appearing on every party’s ballot, making this an odd election. To me, however, that doesn’t change much, I’m still going to campaign, and do my best to sell you, the American people, on the idea of a Proteus Presidency. Moving forward however, to matters of the Cabinet, which is what you really want to know:

In any case, for the month of July, I’ve put together what I believe to be an exceptional Cabinet. One that is diverse, yet qualified; teaming with both newer players and with experienced veterans; a team that is ready to aid me in bringing America forward. So, without further ado, I present to you, like an infomercial, the Proteus4Poteus Cabinet Special~

These images don't make themselves you know


You already saw my choice for Vice President,

Vice President: Othere

My choice for Chief of Staff shouldn’t surprise anyone. My cabinet has changed significantly from what I tried to run last month, but CoS is one constant. The Chief of Staff has to be someone you can trust, someone you know will keep you in line and make sure shit gets done. Josh Frost will do that. He has just a ton of experience in this game (you know, 3 terms as President), and since he’s returned he’s been extremely involved both in the Federalist Party as well as in eAmerican security. Most of all though, I trust him. So,

Chief of Staff: Josh Frost
Deputy: Ludonarr

My choice for Secretary of State is a bit more fun. Before immigrating to our great country, this individual had been President of Canada. Since then he has routinely served in our State department, this past month as a Deputy Secretary of State. The point is, he’s got a ton of diplomatic experience, and we’re going to need it. This next month we’re going to be navigating our continued role in CoT, and we’ll need to make a few choice decisions about who we truly can count as allies. There’s nobody I’d trust more to aid me in this than, Derphoof

Secretary of State: Derphoof
Deputies: AlexJ1890, New Azazel

While the State department will be given a chance to shine next month, so will my Secretary of War. Not only is our nation occupied, and closing in on a wipe, but our nation’s military, the USAF, is facing tumultuous times. We will need, not only to reform the unit, but rethink the relationship between our government and the military module itself. To help me do this, I’m going to need someone with extensive experience in both the department of defense, but also in the military module, and I’ve found that person plus some, and I look forward to working with him,

Secretary of War: Deificus
Deputies: dmjohnston, saraht0ga
NSC Advisor: DMV3

Rounding this out, another department I’m excited to work with is the Department of Interior. It was a tough decision finding a Secretary, due to several good candidates and the daunting task of filling the expectations Othere brought to the position, but after talking with my choice about some of his ideas involving reforming tu2ru and new Interior initiatives, I’m confidant I made the right decision,

Secretary of Interior: Irule777
Deputies: Rainy Sunday, Arrden, Kodos

Education was simple, I had WildOwl on my ticket last month, and he’s done a great job under Tenshibo. So while I’m adding new people to the department in terms of deputies, I see no reason to change what isn’t broken,

Secretary of Education: WildOwl
Deputies: TanishQ, SColbert

A particularly difficult position for me, personally, to cast was Secretary of Media. It’s a role I’ve filled numerous times in the past, and finding the right mixture of engaging and informative is difficult to say the least. Still, I believe I’ve assembled a quality team,

Secretary of Media: Tyler Buublar
Deputies: Hale26, Mr. Swagg

Homeland Security was notably easier, Kody embodies the position, working every month to keep the eUS safe from those who wish her harm. Kody will continue to work as the Director of Homeland Security as well as help out where needed in my administration,

Director of Homeland Security: Kody5

In Conclusion,

This was a cabinet article, and as is clear, it focussed mostly on my cabinet, and if a few smaller positions haven't been included that just means I'm still hammering out details, and they will be illuminated in articles to come. Which reminds me, keep your eyes peeled for at least two more campaign articles from this paper detailing my platform for America at home and abroad.

So, lend me your hand America, let’s go on an adventure together, let’s make America great,

Save the Date, and consider a PROTEUS PoTeUS~

PROTEUS4PoTeUS: Let's Talk Cabinets

And Join us on #PPfP on Rizon IRC to witness greatness

Join me in greatness America


Geronimo100 Day 2,049, 00:56


Viarizi Day 2,051, 01:01

If you are really interested in ending unity just pm me to start a round table with members from all parties.

I like Paul but he is another product of the unity system, anyone elected by meta game through a shady system that no one really knows how it works and that automatically ostracizes more than one third of the population based on their political believes is not and never can be a good POTUS.

After the great job Tenshibo did you people should have realize thar by now...

Delyruin Day 2,049, 01:00

>4 campaign articles


Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,049, 01:01


Othere Day 2,049, 01:10

A Cabinet full of win! Proteus4PoteUS

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,049, 12:47

There's space for at least another 20 ppl, maybe install them as "deputy of deputies",coz ya never know...

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Day 2,049, 01:13


Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,049, 17:54

nah, its SHIELD running the show!

RaccoonGoon Day 2,049, 01:18

Proteus for PoteUS

/me speaks in a quiet voice...
Is it bad that I still wish Siddy were actually here to run so we could have some competition and lulz?

Cody Caine
Cody Caine Day 2,049, 01:32


dante1988 Day 2,049, 01:35


zako soldier
zako soldier Day 2,049, 01:58


tsakali Day 2,049, 02:24


Mister Y
Mister Y Day 2,049, 04:41

Voted 90.

dante1988 Day 2,049, 05:50


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,049, 06:13

good luck

irule777 Day 2,049, 07:10


SColbert Day 2,049, 07:23

PP 4 CP!

biaxident Day 2,049, 07:42


Flashback1 Day 2,049, 08:20

PROTEUS 4 POTEUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😃

Greene12 Day 2,049, 09:26


Lord Nimrod
Lord Nimrod Day 2,049, 10:35


Tony Ironman Starks
Tony Ironman Starks Day 2,049, 11:08

voted and subscribed

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,049, 12:16

Paul Proteus - Feds
Othere - USWP
Josh Frost - Feds
Ludonarr - USWP
Derphoof - Feds
AlexJ1890 - Feds
New Azazel - Feds
Deificus - USWP
Sarah Killah - Feds
dmjohnston - Feds
Irule777 - WTP
Rainy Sunday - USWP
Arrden -
Kodos - Feds
Wild Owl - USWP
TanishQ - WTP
SColbert - USWP
Tyler Buublar - Feds
Hale26 - WTP
Mr. Swagg - AMP
Kody5 - Feds

21 people in ONE cabinet??? It's more a wardrobe ha ha ha
OK, so you secured at least 21 votes for POTUS already! Good job!


nick.bergman Day 2,049, 13:06

Thanks for taking the time to make this quite handy list

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,049, 13:17

You're welcome. I'm sure it will be also handy to Paul: whenever he needs an opinion he can choose who among those on the list will make it up for him.

Thern alpha
Thern alpha Day 2,049, 13:21

so picking ppl who can do a good job and ignoring party lines is bad? Who else but ppl from the top 4 party's are known ppl and can be relied upon.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,049, 13:33

T4 party lines?

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 2,049, 13:50

This is an extremely stupid point, but by pure accident a fairly helpful list

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,049, 13:55

Thank you Cromstar for these eloquent words.

dmjohnston Day 2,049, 18:50

I'm honored that I was mentioned in a comment! Wow!

VelAco Day 2,050, 12:38


Come to #DSW - we have a cookies...

Arrden Day 2,055, 14:08

*Proud to be the only Independent on the list*

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,049, 13:33

So he needs 21 ppl to do a good job?
How come that they are all out of the T4?
No good people in any other party?

This is another pre-picked Unity scam orchestrated by you-know-who and it just smells so bad!

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 2,049, 13:51

Well aren't you clever, what you lack in research/accuracy or cogency you make up for in persistence

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,049, 13:56

Thank you Publius for these eloquent words.

Synesi Day 2,049, 13:35


pourlemerite Day 2,049, 13:39


Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,049, 14:22

To sum up the last few moths and the months ahead:

Artela: needs 3 runs to conquer Aquitaine.
Tenshibo: needs 1 CP term to get us wiped.
Paul Proteus: needs 30 people to tell him what his opinion is.

So it's getting better every every month.
Who's next?


Clydeo Day 2,049, 17:04

Can I nominate you for the whinest player on erep???????

irule777 Day 2,049, 17:27

His cabinet is not much larger then any of the last cabinets over the months. If the only thing you can think of to complain about is his cabinet size and how he's employing more people, then I'm not very convinced this is an issue 😛

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,049, 17:42

You know better, It's the Unity 4 life issue and the fact that the T4 party leadership is abusing democracy. It's about constantly faking the game, it's about no transparency, it's about telling people who to vote and declaring them unpatriotic if they do not obey, it's about running a nation of slaves for a so-called higher cause, it's about multi-playing and being corrupt, it's about metagaming the shit out of everything and about being dishonest to say the least. Do I need to continue?

Clydeo Day 2,050, 06:49

Leave afa RGR and we can go back to in-game elections

crashthompson. Day 2,049, 14:25


Devoid Day 2,049, 15:43

I support you so hard

corazonmillonario Day 2,049, 18:37

Comment deleted

corazonmillonario Day 2,049, 18:38


dmjohnston Day 2,049, 18:50


bigcdizzle Day 2,049, 19:11

That's one hell of a cabinet, I like that there are a lot of new faces.

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