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[PRF] Vote for Pakistan Revolutionary Front and Be a part of us...

Day 1,827, 12:04 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Faris Khawaja

ASALAM O ALAIKUM to all guys .....
The Congress Elections are coming Prepare yourself guys 4 voting ...

I am Faris Jalil congress member of ePakistan invite all of you to join this party..
We have good leadership and abilities how to run ePakistan in better way 🙂
Vote for PRF in Congress Elections, If u need any kind of help tell me I will In Shaa ALLAH help you tc 🙂




Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,828, 06:34

Buhat pyari baat ki ha apnay : D

Kismat Day 1,828, 09:31

i have alot of respect for this party but want to know more about the views and leadership can we have some article for that also what are the plans

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 1,828, 10:51

Mein bhi to pyara hn na Cluster Storms 😃

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 1,828, 10:54

IN SHAA ALLAH we will define our future plans and policy of our party in next article Kismat 🙂

Innocent Killer
Innocent Killer Day 1,829, 01:05

aberrant behavior by PRF lead towards it's own decline..... I have a'lot of respect for PRF but don't know reason of my feelings but it feels like PRF already withered....

TheJakal Day 1,829, 02:03

faris, wasn't Mohammad Bilal, ClusterStorm, and so many other presidents from PRF... PRF hasn't delivered its promise to the people...

Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,829, 05:18

@TheJakal, you are always right . . .
Keep it up your criticism . . .
Best of Luck of your Party . . . Have a great journey . . .

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 1,830, 10:37

Innocent Killer i don't know what are your feelings about PRF and me 😃
I thinks this is not aberrant this is a open invitation to every one not any personal deal with any one and we can't withered any one ...

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 1,830, 10:41

The Jakal All Muslims are equal in the eyes of God...
Muhammad Bilal,ClusterStorm and other all are good and they all respect me very much..
Don't blame every one every man can do some mistakes but we want to forgive these mistakes and think about the future..

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 1,830, 10:44

Thanks Cluster Storms

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