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[Presidential Candidate] - TOP SECRET - AUTHORIZED EYES ONLY

Day 2,753, 16:13 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by TheJakal

A few months ago, a secret security meeting involving the most powerful players in ePakistan met. The meeting was organized by a high ranking government official at a secret location and the members were dubbed "The Organization"

There was a growing concern about some of the immigrants who had set-up a forward base in Pakistan. These immigrants all of Turkish descent were slowly sweeping in and taking one city at a time.

They said we mean Pakistan no harm, but the Organization knew better. Slowly and gradually they had accepted citizenship after citizenship and brought in their clones and one by one they grew in number and strength till they became a match for the slowly weakening Organization.

As a last effort the top three parties put forward my name as a candidate again to run the affairs of the country but I'm not sure that it will be enough this time. The immigrants have become too powerful and this may be the last time a Pakistani is President of the country.

As a precaution I have instructed the Minister of Finance to remove all funds from the organizations and stash them at a secret location and tell no one, not even me.

If tomorrow I lose the elections, than know people of ePakistan that a civil war has begun and we will regroup and fight back and thwart all the plans the immigrants might have.

Quaid-e-Azam once said; "My message to you all is of hope, courage and confidence. Let us mobilize all our resources in a systematic and organized way and tackle the grave issues that confront us with grim determination and discipline worthy of a great nation." but he didn't know that almost 70 years later the people of Pakistan would become so weak.

So I leave you with this quote and wish you all the best in the upcoming election.

Kind Regards


P.S. if you are a lazy bas-tard and didn't read the above text than vote for TheJakal. Don't be a noob.



Edelmann Day 2,753, 16:21


Avalokitesvara Day 2,753, 16:30

Hmm. I hope there are some pictures, evidences that shows where are the money hiden. /me don't like hide and seek games. transparency. but anyway and unfortunatelly i understand the circumstances.

TheJakal Day 2,753, 17:24

yeah we know where it is. Will give you that information for a price.

pamadapa Day 2,753, 17:54


everyone knows my deep disregard for PTOers and multiaccounts. They already showed what they made us before, they stole, they laughed at us. I'm not resentful, I only have good memory...

Success in these elections TheJakal o7

Rider of Darkness
Rider of Darkness Day 2,753, 20:25

But arent we under dictatorship rendering the power of President useless even if they are successful in PTOing ?

TheJakal Day 2,754, 02:36

Dictatorship isn't perm. it can be fought. If we lose the Presidency there is a high potential to lose the dictatorship as well.

anjum1111 Day 2,753, 20:44

what is the use of voting for you when we have dictator

TheJakal Day 2,754, 03:30

read above comment.

dfgusmao Day 2,753, 21:48

Count me in

Na Maloom Afrad
Na Maloom Afrad Day 2,753, 22:08

It seems the dictator is losing power. One thing good about this Jackal is that heis npt atleast earning by arming both the natives and clones.


Evliya Celebi.
Evliya Celebi. Day 2,753, 23:07

calm down bro

ComKar Day 2,754, 02:46

voted hard

Hamza Azeem
Hamza Azeem Day 2,754, 03:35

We will show these turks whose boss.#
Pakistan Zindabad

Hamza Azeem Day 2,754, 03:37

Comment deleted

TheJakal Day 2,754, 03:46

The Islamist Party is run by the Turkish faction. I wouldn't categorize them as traitors though. Their agenda is currently unknown.

HumayunMirza Day 2,757, 11:23

Our agenda is not to Islamisize Pakistan.

lifee0veer Day 2,754, 06:19

Pakistan Zindabad

dingorider Day 2,754, 10:37

Voted so hard that I shed patriotic tears.

Ferdi Carrefour
Ferdi Carrefour Day 2,754, 18:41

If i were the President last election, i would never take advantage of the situation. It makes me sad that you are thinking about us like we are PTOers. But I am a ePakistani and it doesnt matter that I am RL turk or RL pakistani, if the acting moves are the same.

But if you are still scared about us, you will see that it is needless.

TheJakal Day 2,755, 02:59

Cut the drama Ferdi, using religion to win votes is against the rules of this game. You know that and I know that. The article is just for fun.

eltoki Day 2,755, 10:03

agree, voted

Heart Stealer
Heart Stealer Day 2,768, 13:45

I pointed out about turkish ptoers a year ago but no one listened or even considered them a threat. It all started when Arfan and TheCaliph invited turks here.

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