[President] The Road to Autumn

Day 2,866, 12:30 Published in USA USA by Aeriadne
No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.

The Last Fourteen
With calm and quiet progression, the days have passed into full autumn. September saw the schools reopen and many flock again to their desks, the long days of summer drawn to a invigorated close at academia's return into the lives of many. As those of us who have remained staunch and involved in this game have come to see, it is now the season of settling.

Yet, disturbances are still felt in the world of eRepublik. Nearly two weeks ago now we marched onto Spanish shores and let loose our dogs. Some might say "of war" but the resistance greeted has not merited such a moniker as of yet. To the north, our Canadian brethren recouped (pardon the pun) and pushed the manic reign of Rylde out of dictatorial office, assuring once again that some semblance of sanity could be held.

With hockey season closing in, we'll see how much of that remains.

But these are not the only quiet rumblings to shake at the fragile foundation of our now few-populated world. While our bros in Brazil have stricken at the Macedonian hold of Nigeria, Serbia and Slovenia have begun to draw the battle lines against Croatia.

Still more worrisome is the Chilean Airstrike into our Cuban neighbors which - as of this writing - has yet to be stricken. Is it a hold against Argentinian incursion into Spain? A preemptive move to hit at Florida? Or are the Chileans just really crazing Portuguese cuisine right now? Only time will tell.

But can you really blame them when bacalhau is on the line?

While Taiwan keeps taking bites out of the eastern isles and UK gets her knickers back on after Slovenia's visit, much of the world's landscape remains as it was. Yet still do the tremors continue.

Our time right now is as the great inhalation before a yell. You can hear the sound coming before it's heard, feel the draw of breath like a sword against a sheath. The roar will happen.

Or maybe it'll just be a yawn.

It's difficult to say in this day and age. Whether the winds of winter will signal hibernation for a time or the snap of cold will crack us into a flurried frenzy of warring fanfare is yet to be seen. Even with these rumblings, you can feel the great reprieve of autumn's presence now extending to enrapture all of us who play.

For my own part, this month has been an enjoyable one. My first time sitting in the President's chair has not been without challenge nor cheer in equal measure. It delights me to see the Harvest Festival game of mafia still going on on the forum, and the madness of random writers occupying the WHPR. I'm happy to say that this has been an enjoyable month, I think, as compared to recent ones.

But there's this old saying, something I was taught. You see, while it's important to know what time to arrive at a party to be polite, it's just as necessary to know what time to leave one. I heard it once put like this: that at the moment you're enjoying yourself the most, that you find you've lost yourself in the pleasures of company and laughter of friends, that when that highest enjoyment from attending has been ascertained, it's time to go.

So, it is with that notion in mind that I also announce that I will not be seeking reelection. This was only ever a one month thing; one month to have a good and enjoyable time making you guys happy. I'm grateful for the opportunity that was presented, but I know my limits.

Well, with this at least.

However, we've still got some time left on the clock, folks. And I plan to make this next week a fireworks show of splendor. I am striving to make this last two weeks even better than the first two we had. The final festivities of Harvest will be a return to form.

We're gonna go out with a bang, America.

No, not like that.

Well... maybe...