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[President] A re-election speech

Day 1,979, 01:45 Published in Denmark Denmark by pho3nix
It's amazing to see the influence we have on eachother's game activity. After all, I'd say that is 90-99% of the reason why I've stuck around for so long - and especially in Denmark. We feed off the activity of eachother. Together we build a country that is worth living in. And worth spending money on.
Starting Monday, sign ups for the new Welfare Program will begin. Yes, it might cost us a buck - but it's the most ambitious program to keep Denmark on it's feet launched to this day. I'm sure it will keep those of you living on the edge on the right side of the thought of quitting. I'm also confident that this program isn't going to be necessary all of the time.

Honestly, I hope we run broke. Because that will mean that activity is soaring, that the country is alive. That is the goal of this program - nothing else.

I'd like to take the time to thank the co-minds of this program; first and foremost Percival Dumbledore and Stente, who helped me finalize the concept behind it. I'd also like to thank our critics for one of the best political debates I've had in quite some time: Sasori5, Kongeror and Carlos. I'd like this debating continue, because it's a great way to test ideas. We've also established that there's room in Denmark for at least two political views. All we have to do now is make the public reactive to it. Also, a big thanks goes to the two players who have stepped up and accepted to share the workload of this program: NightflierDK and Kristian Klausen.

In other words; starting monday we'll have a Minister of Labour - Percival Dumbledore. He's also shouldered the position as Party President for the Vanguard-party. We're still looking for someone to look over our banners and party logo. Let us know if you're interested.

I thought I'd also take this time to tell you all that I'm running for re-election.
I thought being President would mean bigger responsibilities, but so far it's mostly been about representation and negotiations. I'm running not for the personal glory. There are things I'd like to see in place before I would step down volontarily. We have a new draft for a treaty that is to be voted on shortly. Believe it or not, the Germans are our closest allies - don't let anyone fool you into something else. I'd also like to see how the Welfare's wings work - if it crashes or flies.

Then there's also the Norway situation, in which I'd like to see a deal bartered between our neighbours. The Danish state has taken a neutral stance in this conflict, but being a good neighbour means to solve problems together. I am confident the different parties will be able to solve the conflict on their own, and I will most likely be able to sip my beer in peace. If not, I will do whatever I can to strike out a deal between friends.

Also, awesome work with articles recently! I will keep promoting well written articles with 100 DKK - so keep them coming!

Yours faithfully,


pho3nix Day 1,979, 02:49

Breaking news: A.Holst is alive!

Pacheeee Day 1,979, 03:12

The Prophet and the God - active at the same time? Oh truly Armageddon must be close!

crillep Day 1,979, 18:29

How come you have no CP medal yet?

Pacheeee Day 1,980, 00:10

I'm not sexy enough I guess! 🙁

ilphen Day 1,979, 05:10


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