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[Presidency] Tired of Uruguay

Day 1,889, 09:08 Published in South Africa Bolivia by atrawall

I'm tired, and I'm not referring to being CP, I'm referring to the mistrust that we are being given as a result of this Training War. As I expressed in my last article on this subject, since we started the WG, Uruguay has insulted us all along the way. Here are some of the accusations:

We didn't inform them about the War Game
I've already addressed this in this article:
That was ludicrous and we had discussed the matter.

Our MPPs with Brazil didn't like them...
Next they criticized our MPP with Brazil, because Brazil makes them nervous.
Has Brazil done something wrong to Uruguay in the past? Actually, I think it was Uruguay who chose to side with Argentina during the last ARG/BRZ war... But I can see why you are upset with us having a Brazil MPP.

We are trying to sneak into an MPP with USA to wipe them
Firstly, we regularly have an MPP with USA, the only reason we didn't at the time was because we had just finished a previous War Game with Brazil and couldn't share an MPP. Plus, I did a bad job of "Sneaking" it since I had to propose it TWICE in 3 days.

We are MPPing with Chile, and apparently it's a bad thing
We are in the process of signing an MPP with Chile, because after we saw in the last TW, we could use some more power on our side. Make the battles a little more even.

Here's why I'm Ticked Off
Since our Training War has started, Uruguay has signed MPPs with China and Croatia, two very big power-house countries who greatly helped tip the scales in their favor, yet they have not been criticized for it...

How do we know that THEY are not the aggressors in the situation? That they simply pulled a bait and switch, accusing US of being the bad guys, the whole time that they are actually planning on gaining and keeping the resource that WC provides.

I'm tired of the accusations from ONE side, when we have done nothing but comply. I urge everyone to fight to WIN Western Cape, as I'm not sure how much I trust Uruguay anymore. I guess if we lose WC we'll have to see if they are trustworthy... Id' prefer NOT to lose WC.



Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,889, 09:14


Miyagiyoda Day 1,889, 09:24

If we lose WC, NE ends and we RW, man to man. No loss. Should be even scarier.

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 1,889, 09:29

Bring out your Sunday guns people, let's win this!

Gregor Lucius
Gregor Lucius Day 1,889, 09:35

o7 comrade Suave

S.N.A.F.U Day 1,889, 09:41

Down with the Uruguay terror regime!

Load up on guns, bring your friends!

kuckuck Day 1,889, 09:46


BataIjun Day 1,889, 09:52

I agree with Miyagjyoda: if we let them take the Western Cape, the war will close and there's no chance that any of their allies, even if they come from Mars would move to Uruguay to fight for them in our RW. And another plus on the side is moving our capital elsewhere and to finally have it linked with other regions.

jmanya Day 1,889, 09:56

peleen el directo si tienen los huevos

Matafuego Day 1,889, 10:00

"planning on gaining and keeping the resource that WC provides." WTF??

I could repeat all over again, but I've alrady said in your latest article:

Very poor your attitude. It's a petty.

Ithilwen Day 1,889, 10:00

kill 'em all, drink their grappamiel and rape jmanya.
go go go

nacional1986 Day 1,889, 10:01

We are going to bring all our people from the countryside to drink MATE in the Provincial government headquarters in Cape Town! Then, we are going to get drunk and run naked through the city. After that, we will run without paying any accounts. Be afraid... @jmanya has terrible deseases with him... contagious ones. And some of our soldiers are part of the gay army.

AdUnit Day 1,889, 10:58

I'm broke from that battle Saturday. If anybody has q7 tanks I may be able to do a good amount of damage for Div2

Leochao Day 1,889, 11:08

If you really want to have the facts, please read this article.

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 1,889, 11:16

This is fun!

Eliokem Day 1,889, 11:22

Kilgannon, you are a dude looking for fame. First pms and then newspaper, be a president please.

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 1,889, 11:35

Good thing you guys aren't losing the battle, I'd really hate it if you started whining. -.-

Sheldon the Mad Scientist
Sheldon the Mad Scientist Day 1,889, 12:14

I support our CP! until our last breath we shall fight

Master Darth Vader
Master Darth Vader Day 1,889, 12:53

This is great, only Think about it.

We are doing an exercise of war between our nations.
With misinformation insults intelligence, counterintelligence, false news, and confusion typical of a real war!!!!!!

We do not lie, we invite you to a WG and a WG is what we are doing!

Let's go. you can do better!!! go go go go

Master Darth Vader
Master Darth Vader Day 1,889, 12:56

Hey Claudio, do not lower the arms. . . .

Is a WG, do not give up!


Leo de Salto II
Leo de Salto II Day 1,889, 17:30

As a Real Life Uruguayan I find this sad.

It is true, the people who has the power in eUruguay are hypocrites sometimes. They fougth chile saing that they were oposing the imperialism but along its entire history eUruguay has been an ally(or a slave, maybe) of eArgentina and eBrasil, which has(or usted to had) a big empire, and even, in the case of eArgentina, organize and execute a PTO againt eBolivia that last until this days. eBolivia is posibly the country with the most long PTO in the entiry eRepublik history.

And so, eUruguay helps them. Its also true that most of them instul those who are in the oposite side(its a sad thing, and as a real life eUruguayan I feel ashamed of my compatriots). They did it with ePakistan, eChile and now with you.

Thats why a lot of us have left eUruguay. Becouse of this people and the way they act. I hope you do not belive that all of real life uruguayans are like this.

Since I am eChilean, If you aprove a mpp with eChile I will figth with you ^^

Eliokem Day 1,889, 17:42

Chile is ally of Serbia, PTOer in Thailand, NZ, Norway, UAE, USA, etc...

Matafuego Day 1,889, 18:29

Anda a robar bancos a eChile y deja de decir bolazos Leo.

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Day 1,889, 20:49

Such is diplomacy, especially when there's a chip on don't-say-who's shoulder.

Over the years we've had training agreements with Uruguay in the past, I don't see where we've ever stabbed them in the back. The paranoia must be coming from somewhere.

Relax Uruguay, historically in eR, we're as marginalised as you. Let the current agreement attest our trust in each other, time will show.

Ash J. Williams
Ash J. Williams Day 1,890, 00:01

The last ARG/BR war was in 2008... this is 2013, what are you talking about?

Grimstone Day 1,890, 01:43

So the war games are done. Uruguay said they do not want to loose Charrua otherwise act of war!. We lost Western Cape so we can move our Capital. Let's see if Uruguay are true to their words and help RW in WC. This will be the deciding factor regarding the future of eSA/Uruguay relations.

jmanya Day 1,890, 04:47

mira quien viene a hacerse el diplomatico jajaja
no tenes verguenza

Rusty Kuntz
Rusty Kuntz Day 1,891, 03:35

This isn't the first time someone has shouted 'ur a guay' at me.

eUruguayo2 Day 1,900, 12:55

If you really want to have the facts, please read this article.

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