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[Presidency] Party President Elections - Vote Wisely!

Day 1,852, 01:27 Published in South Africa South Africa by Al Kazar

Good day fellow eSouth Africans.

Today is Party President election day and I would like to appeal to all citizens of our great country to vote today and to vote wisely.

A Party President needs to be actively involved in the eSA community to be of benefit to you, the members of the party.

He or she needs to be able to look after your interests and to promote your party within our community. A party president cannot be all that that s/he can be if s/he is not trusted and active within the eSA community.

The Ministry of Security has published a list of officially approved candidates. Please view this article and please check the eSA Election Centre before voting today.

As your President I would like to ask all citizens of eSouth Africa to please only vote for an official approved candidate in your party.

Let us keep our country safe and all work together to maintain and build our great country.

Thank you,
Al Kazar
President of eSouth Africa



Rexdeus Day 1,852, 03:01


kuckuck Day 1,852, 03:34


Madalin Mastertrap
Madalin Mastertrap Day 1,852, 03:46


Al Kazar
Al Kazar Day 1,852, 06:49

If you can, please move to RISE and vote for Had3z - Zombinho is a threat to the party. And please note that, as listed in the Election Centre, SM33ZA is an official candidate for UP.

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