[PP's] I Wish To Thank Everyone

Day 2,765, 07:25 Published in Japan Pakistan by Dio Buttercup

We've made it through PP elections successfully. Though the situation likely wasn't what anyone hoped for, the result was the best case scenerio, nothing really happened. It's a hard position to be in when nobody actually is looking for trouble and a simple misunderstanding escalates matters to position nobody wanted.

When there is mistrust it is easy enough to understand. There are immediate actions, reactions and defensive positions are built, thing is nobody can be blamed for it, it is understandable that reaction occurs. Yesterday to me seemed to progress as a weird type of mexican standoff, to me this was actually a best case scenerio, the trust isn't there and can't be expected, you just hope cool heads with prevail.

Ultimately, this appears to have happened and I would like to thank everyone for doing their part and making the best that could be expected out of it. I realize there is still alot mistrust, I'm not going to comment about things brought up, it was before my time, but I do understand. At best I hope you can trust me slightly more, though I don't expect a miricle on that either.

My name is Ai

Kaptain Kidd