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[PP NCL] Citizen's development and State's responsibility

Day 2,134, 16:18 Published in Norway Norway by babk

Dear citizens of eNorway,

As you may know, our state sit on a big amount of gold and money.

Part of this wealth is produced by citizens activity within the national economy and taxes related to these activities.
Another part, is gold we have won for our nation during latest tournament, again we are talking about citizens effort. Citizens fight to give eNorway an acceptable place in the eWorld ranking and the prize related to this ranking.

Norwegian Communist League has raised the voice in our congress to invest the wealth back in our citizens facilities so they can develop themselves faster. In response to a thread in our congress forum, the party president of NCL came with a concrete suggestion how this will be possible. He wrote:

Re: Government Grants
Post05 Sep 2013 00:07

- I don't like a growing treasury as it brings others on bad ideas. We have too much gold and cc right now!
- I support the idea of state having a responsibility for it's citizens development.
- Discussions are ok but at the end we "have" to agree on some mechanics to hand gold and cc to regular citizens and make it possible for them to upgrade their facilities otherwise the Elite will consume the money itself as in the IRL.

my suggestion:

- every party in eNorway may present 2-4 of it's loan candidates depending on party size.
- no member of Government or congress should be presented as a candidate.
- MoF interview these 12-20 candidates and grant a loan to suitable candidates.
- if any candidates of a party is refused by MoF, that party is allowed to present a replacing candidate.
- no loan bigger then 20 gold or equal cc will be given out.
- loan-takers are gathered in a database by MoF and would not be eligible for a new loan for 3 mounts.

Since then, CP Che Kukaken has also supported the idea of distributing the gold among citizens to help them develop themselves but as you see, no gold has been given back to citizens yet.
This is because a Party president or even Country president can't decide on such issues alone. There need to be a majority in our congress who push and support such ideas.

Norwegian Communist League (NCL) feel committed to raise such issues which gurantee the welfare of general population. The state-run welfare system has a solid and long tradition in RL Norway.
Norway is known to be a country where the government try to stop a divergent distance between poor and rich. NCL support this RL tradition and even we are part of the National Unity government, we fight against our own elite and for a stable and good functioning welfare system in eNorway.

Supporting NCL during congress elections would assure that such issue get enough support in our congress to be realized.

Don't forget Sub and Vote



babk Day 2,134, 16:20

Vote NCL by Congress Elections!

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