[PotUS] War in September

Day 3,961, 13:51 Published in USA USA by The Mike

September 2018

Dear Americans,

It’s been one of those dull months for now, but yet we may rejoice from the fact that we are going to have Congress for a second month in a row. While I cannot attribute this achievement solely to exemplary military planning and brave fighting on our side, it is a nice feature for my last term in office.

September ends and we are waking up

I have said in the past that we are not in a dire situation. Our opponents are stronger than us and they demonstrated this earlier this month by removing Hungary and Cyprus from our regions. This intervention was a direct consequence of their involvement in Croatia’s campaign against Poland in Central Europe. Out of courtesy to our former allies in Pacifica we did not take part in that war, but Bulgaria decided to take an action and involve itself in a conflict they weren’t originally part of. I am happy to share that we had a good communication with both Hungary and Cyprus during their stay within our regions. They both had a friendly attitude and were supportive of our situation. During the region swaps in August they managed to position themselves early on in key locations in the USA map. This allowed us to execute our military strategy which blocked Bulgaria, Lithuania and Macedonia from having a smooth region swap.

However, at the beginning of the month we found ourselves in a not so enviable situation once again. The excitement of having 10 open campaigns a day finished and soon we struggled to even have a single TP battle. This, however, presented us with the opportunity to focus all of our damage in a single RW. So, we had several eruptions in selected battles throughout the past couple of weeks at random times of the day. But apart from that not much happened because when you are in a weaker position, the only thing you can do is to wait for the table to turn. Or to turn it yourself. So, with Bulgaria, Macedonia and Lithuania continuing their pledges to keep us perma-wiped, we had zero hesitation to help our friends in Hungary to fight for their freedom and to support Croatia and Turkey in the epic war against Serbia last week.

And once again the wait was much shorter than I expected it would be. Bulgaria’s President who has been the head of their foreign affairs for the past couple of years suddenly asked to resign from his office. In turn came the opposition who decided to ditch the longstanding policy of Training Wars, gold farming and stability, for the opportunity to attack Egypt’s newest pyramid in Sweden. Spain came to their aid by also declaring Egypt for Natural Enemy. I’ll pause here: Bulgaria NEed Egypt and a few seconds later Spain did so too. If I were Egypt, I would be flattered for Bulgaria needing Spain to attack too.

In return Croatia, Turkey and Greece NE’ed Bulgaria as well, while Chile and Albania proposed Airstrikes. We also sent a NE to Bulgaria as they have been terrorising us for more than 6 months now and applying the so called Wild Owl doctrine against us. In addition to that we took advantage of a moment of weakness in the Bulgarian society, which allowed us to liberate Kentucky (check round 5). It was an EPIC Division 4 battle yesterday when we received a lot of help from Albania and Egypt, as well as many anti-Asteria countries. I must single out Greece’s Zeus Christou who single handedly won 11 points for us after we were totally drained after that d4 EPIC. The final outcome was that before Bulgaria had even voted for Egypt as Natural Enemy, they had already lost two battles and $3m in cash for COs.

It's great to see so many countries fighting for the USA

What next?
Croatia and USA have opened war against Bulgaria and Chile have approved their airstrike. We are also signing an MPP with Greece to build up on our old friendship! Bulgaria may be in a state of political turmoil, but they are still strong and united when they defend against aggressors. So, it will be messy and bloody and the more epic opponent will win!

Americans, get ready for a fight!

Best regards,
The Mike
US President September 2018