[PotUS] Signing Off

Day 4,733, 22:11 Published in USA USA by Tyler Bubblar

Greetings fellow citizens of the eUSA. The time has arrived for me to write my last Country President article. Not just for this term, but very likely for the duration of my eRepublik journey. I have had the honor and privilege to serve the eUSA in many capacities over the years. I have endeavored in those various roles to give my best. My best has not always measured up to my own expectations. For that and any other shortcomings and failings that fall on my shoulders I offer my most humble and sincere apologies. I would like to think that overall I have offered the community of the eUSA far more good than bad. However, I am well aware that no one writes their own legacy.

This month we had some ups and downs. The grand domestic agenda I had in mind never quite came to fruition. The Pinkeye event which I have teased multiple times still is not quite ready. That failure is on me. I enjoy writing and have a very entertaining backstory outlined for the event, but just have not been able to write it up to distribute to the talented players that have been waiting to run with this event. I intend to remedy that lack soon, and am very willing to help run the event for Groot or Cthulu next month. KingTaco has put a great deal of time into getting the DOI site ready for this, and it really would be a shame to not proceed as I truly believe it will be a fun and engaging community building event.

This afternoon we here in the eUSA were able to secure Rubber. This gave us the full weapons and food bonuses we set out to achieve. There were more than a few setbacks and we ruffled some feathers amongst our training war partners. I am happy that this event has come to a close as it will allow the eUSA to focus on continuing to strengthen ties with the Asteria sphere of influence. I am truly grateful to the #warplanning stalwarts who worked tirelessly to achieve the aforementioned bonuses. They weathered many near misses and simply reorganized and readied themselves for the next attempt. Their perseverance paid off. I’ve always believed when we work towards a common goal the eUSA is capable of greatness. Yet again we have shown that to be true.

Before closing this article I need to express my gratitude. To the community, to my current Cabinet, to the many players who have comprised my various Cabinets over the years, to the many Presidents who have placed their trust in me and given me a chance to prove myself in their administrations, my own Federalist Party and the many Parties that have endorsed my runs over the years, to the hundreds and thousands of citizens of the eUSA who voted for me when my name was on the ballot for President, to Josh Frost who taught me how to campaign, to Wild Owl who has been a stalwart and loyal friend for the better part of a decade, to Paul Proteus who not only sees the good in people but makes them want to live up to what he sees, to Gnilraps who destroyed me on election day not once but twice forcing me to gut check myself, to Molly Emma who gave me a chance to get off the canvas, to Rainy Sunday who gave me a chance to be her XO in USAF despite my previous history as a Private MU skeptic of said MU, to Melissa Rose who has told me the cold hard truth many times over the years, to Evil Elvis who made me the awesome spinning coins gifs, and to everyone who has made my journey in eRepublik just that much more vibrant: I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With the conclusion of this CP term I believe the time has come for me to fade into the background a bit and allow others to lead. I am not leaving the game, and I am always willing to help the community. That has not changed. Nor will it ever. At times the infighting, factionalization, and divisions within our community seem insurmountable, but one thing always reassures that the community is not irredeemable: We who remain care about the eUSA, our Parties, and our MUs. We care deeply. It is why we are still here. We have invested our time, energy, emotions, and in many cases no small amount of real money into this community. In my view nothing that inspires so many in such a manner is beyond salvaging. We are all very much in this together. Unless and until Plato acts to rejuvenate this game we who are still here are literally all that we have. As always I thank you for taking the time to read. TB signing off.