[PotUS] Pinkeye, Resources, and the Forums

Day 4,711, 22:19 Published in USA USA by Tyler Bubblar

Greeting fellow citizens of the eUSA. We are now 8 days into the term/Resource Wars. Before diving into the Resource Wars I want to touch on a few other topics. First I want to touch on the National Scavenger Hunt. This is something we started to set up over the summer. This was loosely based on WookyJack’s 2014 Federalist Party event. We kicked off the foreshadowing of this event with a Paul Proteus Press Briefing. I then published an article further setting up the storyline of this event. The storyline is not essential to this event, but it is hoped will add a little fun and flavor. I am happy to report the finishing touches are in the works and the launch of this event is imminent. To the best of my recollection nothing this intricate has ever been attempted with multiple writers publishing across multiple venues dropping clues directing participants to keyholders sprinkled throughout the community. I’m excited and a little nervous to see this event unfold. Wilker Nath, Paul Proteus, King Taco, and King Harambe are poised to bring this event to life.

The Resource Wars are ongoing. So far we have obtained 6 out of the 10 resources we targeted going in. It has not been perfect there have been bumps in the road. However, we are on track to be successful in this event. I urge all citizens of the eUSA not just to follow the directions of the NSC team, but to please be mindful of what walls we push and may need correcting after we push those walls in pursuit of resources. I ask this so we can be a little more conscientious of the needs of our TW partners. We have more than 3 weeks remaining in this event and I am confident we will emerge successful in our goals. I would be remiss if I did not give a shoutout to Yui, Dinnyin, RT, Ubuntu, and many others for their hard work and dedication.

So I would imagine by now most if not all of the eUSA is aware of the recent events on the eUSA forums. I am also fairly certain that by now opinions on said events have pretty much solidified on both sides. I won’t really comment on that other than to say what was done was in my opinion an egregious breach of trust. I thank both Goalie and PiZ for their swift intervention, and the work they are doing to put things as close to right as possible.

The eUSA forums have always been a somewhat controversial place. A look at my forum posts number will show that for someone who has been around since the Spring of 2013 I have not been super active there. Pfeiffer used to derisively say that the Federalist Party does not play eRepublik like the rest of the eUSA. We played Federalist Party Forums. To be blunt he was not totally wrong. I loved the Federalist Party Forums; they were always fairly but firmly moderated, and were generally a much warmer and more welcoming place than the eUSA forums. Prior to my return this Spring and subsequent discovery that those forums were now abandoned in favor of the eUSA forums; my use of the eUSA forums was for Congress, the Executive, and doing Q&A with the Parties who called said forums home when I was running for President.

One of the toughest things for me during my time in eRepublik has been juggling the larger than life Personalities that dislike each other. Oblige and Pfeiffer for so long were giants in WTP and USWP. They also despised one another. Israel Stevens had similar stature in the AMP, Fingerguns in the Feds and so on. All of them had agendas and pet vendettas; it was easy to be caught up in the wake of that maelstrom. It contributed in no small part to a place that could be truly toxic at times. I once watched a very good friend become stunned and eventually numb when he ran for CP and was subjected to the onslaught that so often came with being a candidate for President. Yet as of now so many of those outsized personalities have either left entirely or faded to the point of near irrelevancy. Even still all too often we are at each other's throats. We assume the worst of others, and eye one another with suspicion and mistrust. It is truly a shame.

This is a social game. It would not be satisfying to play it alone. It would not be satisfying to play it with only like minded individuals. Disagreements, negotiations, finding common grounds, making deals, close votes, and so many other things that are derived from a diverse group of people comprising a community are what make this game interesting. I have made it plain that I enjoy working within a diverse Cabinet in terms of ideas, passions, playing style, and more. Each time I have assembled such a group as President, or served in one as a Secretary it has been a rewarding experience. However, things tend to revert to the mean in eRepublik. It takes consistent effort to keep things active, engaged, and involved. There is no magical panacea for what ails our community. So many grudges have persisted and hardened over the years. Only a flood of fresh new blood can truly wash it all away. That is not up to the player base to accomplish. Injecting new life and expanding the population of this eWorld falls on eRepublik Labs. However, we can attempt to start fresh with each other. We can unclench our fists to extend a hand to one another. Yes I know that is cheesy but we who remain are all we have. We should make the best of it. As always I thank you for reading.