[POTUS] Inauguration

Day 2,420, 00:14 Published in USA USA by dmjohnston

eAmerica, I couldn’t have done it without you; let’s get to work.

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In his Inaugural Address in 1905, Teddy Roosevelt stated, “We have duties to others and duties to ourselves; and we can shirk neither.” With the election over, it is time for the promises of cooperation and communication to be honored. Whether you supported me or John, whether you are a new player or old, we must move forward in the bonds of cohesion to unify our country.

John, while I do not agree with your tactics, it was a hard fought campaign. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Though, I did have a dream early on in the campaign that no one ran against me and it was considerably easier. I cannot take for granted what I have fought so hard to achieve and that it is no small part due to John’s fight.

Today, my NSC will be contacting MU leaders from around the eUS. If we somehow overlook you, please, contact me and I will make sure you are contacted. Military Units are one of the two biggest communities in this game, along with parties. They are a vital part of the eUS.

The other departments will spend their first day assessing needs, evaluating additional team members, and getting their bearings for the month ahead.

Our State Department is a bit of a question mark at the moment. My choice for the job has gone silent. My Chief of Staff and I are evaluating alternatives, and in the mean time, Wild Owl will be stepping in, which is always a good backup.

I am excited for what we can accomplish this month. Tom and I are already getting acclimated to the new digs, as well.

Thank you all for supporting my election. Now it’s time to support our country.

Keep up the fire,