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[PotUS] Inaugural Address

Day 1,995, 14:24 Published in USA USA by Artela

It’s time I gave you all a quick update, although of course the first couple of days seem to be mostly filled with administrivia and diplomacy negotiations. It has been hectic here in the Whitehouse getting everything organized and all the right people into the right places, but I think we’re there now! (For those considering this job in the future, make sure to set aside the first day to mostly just deal with the roughly 50 emails you’ll get that first 24 hours plus the countless irc query windows that will open.)

You need to be kept informed about what your government is doing on your behalf. To this end there are several avenues of communication to make sure you get up to date information.

The first Whitehouse Press Release of the new term has already gone out and can be found here: Latest WHPR

The first of the new season of eNPR will be ready to roll on Friday (see details in the linked WHPR), and the Departments of Interior and Education are already churning out articles and getting some funstuffz started.

Add to this that you can approach me in email, irc PM or forum PM at any time to ask relevant questions, and you should be able to stay on top of everything that is going on.

I’ve been talking to a lot of people these last couple of days from across the eWorld. I know people are anxious for some action, but I also know they can appreciate that a little diplomacy takes just a bit of time. However, expect to see some action real soon now. Be Prepared!

Let’s Have some Fun!

All the best

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Dept of Interior | White House Press Room | Pony Express | eNPR Radio |

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Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 1,995, 14:26

Artela: you have my undying support in anything.

Congrats on being a 3x USA CP and a 4X CP total!


Delyruin Day 1,999, 03:31

pfft, Britian doesn't have "Presidents" bro

Pfeiffer. Day 1,995, 14:26

Comment deleted

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,995, 14:26

Let's have some fun!


Pfeiffer. Day 1,995, 14:27

I've always wondered why that little woman in your sig has no pants on. Who goes to war with no pants?

Artela Day 1,995, 14:41

It's just the way she's drawn! LOL

biaxident Day 1,995, 14:43

going commando?

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,995, 18:12

Commandoes. Awesome answer!

HumbleBe Day 1,995, 16:37

it's a distraction for enemies; or in other words: "the art of saying "nice doggy" until your sniper gets the range"

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,995, 14:27

Let's have a good month Artela o7

MazzyCat Day 1,995, 14:27

Fun times!


RaccoonGoon Day 1,995, 14:28

Looking forward to it.

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 1,995, 14:29

Let´s have a nice term 🙂

biaxident Day 1,995, 14:45

president's newspaper still links to Vaneks paper:)

biaxident Day 1,995, 14:46

also congratz and good luck

Damon Wnc
Damon Wnc Day 1,995, 14:48

Can't wait.

creitzell Day 1,995, 14:57

Congrats Artela, and good luck.

Ramirez.Andres Day 1,995, 15:01


nuno258 Day 1,995, 15:14

si vis pacem para bellum


Bucephalus92 Day 1,995, 15:31

Give us war.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,995, 15:34

You are complaining about 50 emails? That is an AVERAGE day for me.

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,996, 03:04

Trying too hard.

Delyruin Day 1,999, 03:29

Don't worry, it's prolly hate mail.

Cubby Day 1,995, 16:28

Please change the ST6 link to It changed a few months ago but it seems that no one person can fix it. Thanks Artela.

Artela Day 1,996, 00:05


The Mike
The Mike Day 1,995, 18:13

50 emails can't crush you! Keep walkin' : P

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,996, 03:04

"Be Prepared!"

Totally read that in Scar's voice.

Colonel W Kurac Day 1,996, 07:08

Comment deleted

The Original Hawkie Day 1,996, 08:19

Comment deleted

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,996, 10:10

rofllllllllllllll, I love Serbian humor, xddddddddddd

jkeller4000 Day 1,996, 08:54

give us war!

Brave Fighter
Brave Fighter Day 1,996, 11:14

Congrats Artela

Hale26 Day 1,996, 12:39

Voted o/

Delyruin Day 1,999, 03:27


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