[PotUS] Day Five

Day 2,912, 07:22 Published in USA Poland by Wild Owl

Hi America,

Thank you for voting for me on the 5th of November. It is truly an honor to lead this country again, and I am humbled by the support that I received on election day. I'll be covering a few things in this article, so lets get to it.


With the approval of Congress, USA has picked its next war target, which happens to be Indonesia. Indonesia is an old foe of our country, and has opposed us for years, although there was a brief thaw in relations during the CoT period. As an enemy neighbouring country that just had a huge baby boom, Indonesia presents a legitimate threat to us that must be dealt with, leading to this war. Enjoy the TP currency. We are also temporarily moving out of Spain, to concentrate on Indonesia, but North Korea shall remain an American bastion.

Arm America

Arm America is a program that gives out supplies (Q7 Weapons and Q5 Food) to people who fight in American priority battles. American priority battles are those that can be found in the DoD Orders. Any American can request weapons from Arm America regardless of Military Unit Affilation here: www.eusg.us/armamerica To make a request post a screenshot of your kills in a priority battle through the Arm America form and you will be compensated for up to 100 tanks and the food used in battle.

Follow battle priorities and get free weapons.

Campaign Promises

One of my main campaign promises was lower spending by the eUS government under me, and a promise that I will do everything in my power not to raise taxes. I want you all to know that I intend to stick to my promise. Unlike my opponent who's advocating a tax raise now that the elections are over, I believe that more money in the pockets of American citizens is a good thing and I will fight for this right.

Thats all for now. Expect more articles. Oh, and fight for USA in Papua.

Wild Owl