[Portugal Unido - Artigo NÂș927] - Question: Houses or Blitzkrieg?

Day 5,488, 08:12 Published in Portugal Portugal by Alvaro Cunhal

Hello friends, in Portugal, in this days, we discuss something.
What is better houses or Blitz?

The opinions are diferent.
Some people say, with the houses you recover +10 life per 6 min.
Other dont see a inconvenient.

I will share with you the cost of the pack and the cost of houses.

For this exemple i use the best prices of wage, houses and tokens.

The price of Blitz its 1,706,000.00 and the cost of healt is 426,00cc

In 8 days we do 240,000.00cc with the work.

The price of the houses is 454,000.00cc but if we remove the wage of the houses the cost is 213,000.00cc Its 183cc per health (unit) but we only get 1160 health for 4000 health we need more x3,49 times and the price per health was 633cc.

Blitz is 426 per health.

For 30 days you need more them 3 times (8 days during houses x3) and the cost will see 743,000.00 per only 1160 health ... 743x 3,49= 2,593,000.00cc
Blitz cost 1,706,000.00cc for 4000 health

900,000.00 diference. And its halfh of the pack ...

I hope you all like this, in my opinion i think is better the pack are less expensive.
In my last article one player do the counts for houses q1,q2 and q3. Are very good his explain.

Give us your opinion and your counts.
Sorry for the international language, bad english!

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