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[PoP] Latest Developments

Day 1,836, 05:54 Published in Pakistan USA by TheJakal

My Fellow Pakistani's,

We've had a very difficult month, the previous government run by the Oligarchs left ePakistan in a very sad state, there were no national supplies, our foreign relations were non-existant and the government was busy siphoning money off from State Bank of ePakistan. All of this was commanded by the master criminal Aovelhanegra and his dedicated team dodial and Mohammad Bilal.

Aovelhanegra saying something... no one really understands him

It looks like the only patriot in that team Ahsan Shahbaz was holding together what little respect the oligarchs had and ever since his departure these criminals have shown their true colour. Not only have they robbed the State Bank of ePakistan they have all left ePakistan and are selling their damages to the highest bidder. They are training on the gold and currency they stole and sending in their stooges Mehmood25 to try and disrupt this government.

My government has tried to ignore their criminal acts and continued to involve them where ever possible. Dodial was invited to join his Military Unit into receiving national supplies but he instead chose the path of insulting.

Mehmood25 was made dMoD but he is a troubled individual and as soon as he had to do some work, he resigned and deleted all the supply docs and disrupted them.

Mehmood25, Aovelhanegra and Mohammad Bilal in last CP elections.

My brothers and sisters, these guys work only for themselves and these are the very people who brought ePakistan from a healthy PKR 3,000,000 to zero, using most of it for training themselves, buying factories, running illegal trades and gambling the money.

But as long as we have die-hard patriots such as Shin Gouki, Policy, raao, Daineal Mac Carthaigh, Muz97, St0l3n1, kismat, strywgr, Annihilator10, vrsoliders, Sparkfyre, Sana Hafeez, Ramlah Javed, faris is back, Chaudary Muhammad Azwar, ecoo36 and many many more; we will be prevail.

There are concerns being spread by the criminals that TheJakal's government is letting in Dioists who will take over ePakistan and all hell will break lose. This is far from the truth, Dioism is a religion born in ePakistan, ePakistan is the home for Dioists and who are we to deny them their homeland. My government and I, respect the Dioists and welcome them to their homeland and it is this mutual respect that will help in building a stronger ePakistan. So my brothers and sisters, don't view them as the enemy, view them as your equals.

Dioists Returning

Ministry of Defence
Annihilator10 is a brave soul, he gave up his riches and life in eUSA and moved back to ePakistan where he knew before he decided to come, it would be a struggle. He wanted to replicate the social care the eAmericans provide their citizens and very quickly started the National Supply program, where anyone in the Pakistan Army can request for free tanks and food. Under pressure from me, he appointed the disturbed individual Mehmood25 as dMoD but Mehmood25 destroyed all logs of supplies we had given out and claims to have returned everything, but we will never know. But the supplies are back, you can now register on the forums CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP and fill out the form there which you will only see after you have registered and continue recieving your daily free supplies of food and tanks.
Despite Annihilator10 being busy in REAL LIFE with exams, he still takes out a few minutes a day to do his job and I salute that. He could have easily cited RL issues and deserted but he's a true solider of ePakistan and he has stuck by.

Annihilator10 on right and Chief of Army Staff Raao on left

Ministry of Community

Muz97 has been doing a fantastic job, with daily competitions allowing you to win yet more tanks and food. He has kept the media active and our chat active and with our forums back up, he will keep the forums active too. Sometimes I wonder if Muz97 is a machine... he is constantly coming up with new ways to engage the community and working round the clock.


Have you heard of Policy? If you haven't than you haven't lived your life on ePakistan. When we went up against the oligarch criminals, little did we know that we would be awakening the soul of Policy. Policy who has been in this game since its inception, who has seen the horrors and corruption that had risen in ePakistan, who has the ability and the power to see deep into a humans soul is back. He has chosen to make his home, 9000 meters below sea level somewhere in Balochistan. Something to do with sunlight... him and his revolutionary force use special robotic drones in wars which are all controlled by his secret bunker. From this bunker the forums have been revived, all of you MUST sign up at the earliest and you can do so by clicking visiting This is where our congress will discuss laws, where our cabinet will discuss strategies and where citizens will rise up. The bunker is secure, the operators are honourable. We are in safe hands.

Policy ready to slash all traitors


It's been a month now that we launched the official channel of ePakistan. Yes folks, if your on IRC that channel is called #Pakistan. If you don't know what the hell i'm talking about than just click here.

This is the national channel, where you are free to speak whatever you like. Every citizen of ePakistan has the right to be an operator on Pakistan and the operators of #Pakistan are unbiased and don't ban for personal reasons or political fights. We allow everyone in, even the criminals if they are ever brave enough to join.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

After many long hours sitting across the table of many countries, the damage done by the previous government was mission impossible to repair, but we repaired it. We signed a new MPP with Brazil and are back on track with eUSA, eSerbia, and eChile. Our focus will be to sign MPP's with large countries that typically go to war more often than smaller countries and this is only because of the current economic situation in ePakistan. Our daily earnings average around PKR 400 and each MPP costs PKR 10,000. With National Supplies, Competitions and MPP's we are in the red but the donations of kind citizens has helped us keep afloat.

We are in process of signing a Strategic Alliance with our brothers and sisters in eSaudi Arabia and once that deal is presented to congress we will announce it publically.


I have spent the last three months speaking with Chinese officials and there is no chance for China releasing regions at this point in time. China also blocked a training war with India, they say the time isn't right but we know the eIndians are scared.

Under the NAP agreement we have with China which was mainly used to get access to the 3 million cc sitting in treasury at that point in time by dodial. We cannot attack China for our regions, so taking our regions back by force is out of the question. China is many many times stronger than us and we would need a miracle to fight them off.

That being said, discussions still continue and one day, we will reach to an agreement and we will regain our lost lands back.

Way Forward

We must put ePakistan ahead of ourselves, I encourage all of you to try and buy products localy as much as you can. I encourage all of you to donate your spare tanks and food to the Government and above all I encourage all of you to invite your friends into this game, because years of selfish oligarch rule has destroyed our community. My team and I tried to invite players and many did join but quickly died because it was impossible for them to survive.

Don't multi, its cheating and if you get caught you will be banned. Put in 10 minutes a day, go onto various forums and blog sites and write about ePakistan.

I end this very long article and thank you for taking your time out and reading it. Before I became Country President one of the former CP's sent me a message saying, "Winter is Coming", well winter did come, but we have heaters and a hot cuppa milk chocolate.

Kind Regards
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Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,836, 06:01

"but we know the eIndians are scared."

"We cannot attack China for our regions"

I see...

untrusty Day 1,836, 06:08


Arfan-Khan Day 1,836, 07:18


mjnaushad Day 1,836, 07:30

Strong relationship with India seems must.......Half of India is also under foreign occupation ....we help them they help us.

Muz1 Day 1,836, 07:32


they took all the good names
they took all the good names Day 1,836, 07:37 the frick do they run illegal trades and gamble?!

Annihilator10 Day 1,836, 07:44


TheJakal Day 1,836, 07:44

Oh I forget to tell everyone, IM GOING ROMANIA, so biatch slap Hamturk 😛

raao Day 1,836, 07:56

Hamturk , why eIndians impeached you ? You was there since long and was respected as well .. What happened bro?

Waruda Day 1,836, 08:13

Hail Annihilator10 o7

Oh Dio Glorious Dio, may we wipe out the Lu Chin monsters that are feeding on the Punjab

St0L3n1 Day 1,836, 08:31

OMG i like the pictures resemblance LOL

Cold Assassin
Cold Assassin Day 1,836, 09:07

muja tu supply form nazar hi nahi aya forums pa??????

kirintaimu Day 1,836, 09:13


I'm glad the ePakistani nation is a bit less insular now than it has been, though I can understand the motivation to be that way after the country's been used and cast aside by many groups. More fun for everyone now. Dio be praised.

TheJakal Day 1,836, 09:27

Cold Assassin you have to register and login.

ecoo36 Day 1,836, 09:41

Very nicely written and i like the policy part the best

Innocent Killer
Innocent Killer Day 1,836, 10:28

good job sire

Innocent Killer
Innocent Killer Day 1,836, 10:33

it states:u have an email address already under use of another acount

TheJakal Day 1,836, 12:17

Innocent, try logging in with your previous account. Policy transferred the old forums to this one.

Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,836, 19:42


Ali Gtm
Ali Gtm Day 1,836, 21:58


touseef haider
touseef haider Day 1,836, 22:12


Muhammad Noman
Muhammad Noman Day 1,837, 23:25

i really cant believe Bilal,Mehmood25 or Bilal to be involved in things like these.And could never have even thought of aovel as this. But actions speak louder than the words,and I must say thejakal is doing his best,and the country is really moving forward.
Thankx for directing the eNation in the right way.

Sparkfyre Day 1,837, 06:20


Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan Day 1,837, 07:36

Pakistan Zindabad
Pakistan Paindabad
All Hail DPP

Cthulhu.. Day 1,837, 13:44


Let's split it.

vrsoldiers Day 1,838, 10:46

good job!!!

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