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[POLICY] A lack of a resolution for a nomination

Day 1,840, 10:54 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Policy

WOLF'S LAIRE, -9000m BELOW SEA FLOOR, BALOCHISTAN. Gentlemen. I've usually been of the opinion that politics should be utilizing for nation-building, over politics for the purpose of politics. Barring my personal opinion, my vocal voice has only been used when I felt it was justified, politically.

So, many of you may have noticed that PRF's had a hard time judging whom to nominate for the Presidency of Pakistan. Earlier on, I selected myself for nomination simply to "fill the void", with no intention of running. I then switched from our current incumbent, The Jakal, to Rafay Ahmed, then back to Jakal.

The reason for this is that I -- and many of my readers as well -- aren't happy with the current administration, for a variety of reasons I'll go into later on. In the end, I chose not to fight the power (metaphorical reference), and support the current Government out of not wanting to "play politics because of politics" at what I feel, a crucial time.

In the back rooms of PMs and IRC, and to some extent, publically, I've seen two groups of people go back-and-forth like a revolving door, and to put it bluntly, it's shrivelled my confidence in the current administration, and to some extent, Pakistan itself.

The Current Administration

1. Lack of organization: on multiple occasions, a mid-to-high ranking official has been missing from the cabinet channel, if at all there - on these occasions, we've needed them to make important decisions. One instance is where the Philippines had their entire army read to strike in a supposed "RW", which I - and others in the channel - had no idea about, and had to finally turn them around due a total lack of organization and communication. I've yet to see an improvement in this, and if anything, the backbone of this Government isn't strong enough.

2. Lack of activity: This ties into the last point a little, but is more significant in my opinion. In the handful of active people in Pakistan, they're not in the cabinet itself formally, and just help out here and there, with semi-official positions. The rest of the cabinet is extremely inactive, with certain ministers only having appeared in the cabinet channel - or IRC at all - as many times as I can strike off my hands. I haven't seen much progress in our infrastructure, bar the harping of the "goddamn oligarchy stole XYZ" tone (which is quite true, but is no excuse in itself). I feel this is further worsened by the fact Jakal - when I last spoke to him on this issue - spends only 10% of his time to managing the cabinet, and the remaining 90% to a failed recruitment effort.

3. Lack of progress and accountability: This regime promised great strides, strides which I have yet to see. The only two ministries (I regard MoFA as a solo job, tbh) that are actually doing something aren't really fulfilling their job criteria, and in at least one ministry, I've still yet to see the proper Org being used for it. I can't see anything, bar a few "competitions", that has improved Pakistan domestically, especially for the babies. Nor have any spending logs (to my knowledge) been published in the public domain, or regular updates (though Jakal published an article recently, I feel it was inadequate and not really of a high quality). The only real progress I can see in this regime is the supply system, which is rotting due to the lack of Daily National Battle Orders.

Lack of Unity

The feud between the incumbent regime and Mehmood25 is needless to say, pig-disgusting. This all started with Mehmood25's criticism of the current administration, and later snowballed with petty squabbles about avatars and articles. Whether or not you respect the Constitution, you have to respect the eRepublik ToS and basic human rights -- you can't force anybody to put on an avatar if it suits you. Foreign MUs are an artificial issue in my opinion, a lot of people in Pakistan have drifted in and out of foreign MUs, so I see no real reason to attack Mehmood on this issue.

The only fault I can find him at is the deleting of the documents - which isn't really a big deal, gDocs take 2 minutes to set up, maximum, and after all, it was all his own work (the document). What I find disgusting is that rather than be sensible about it all, the President's embroiled himself in this and not taken the steps of a "bigger man" and attempted to unify the situation.

I don't see the point in dividing ourselves further when we've only got one province.


Due to the belief this administration is creating problems it should try to address, and not functioning at its full capacity, I cannot support it outright. At the same time, for reasons of "Unity, Faith, Discipline", I will not at this time raise a political charge against it, for now, the words of Kemal will do: "Peace at home, peace in the world".

As for tomorrow, my personal vote is to Rafay, whomever you, yourself, choose to vote is truly your own choice - but vote wisely, my friends.



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kirintaimu Day 1,840, 10:57

voted for greatness

TheJakal Day 1,840, 11:14

Voted, disappointed that you don't accept reality and prefer to live in a delusion. Will give a reply to this article

Policy Day 1,840, 11:43


This is exactly what I'm talking about, rather than respecting the opinion of others, you only attempt to berrate/insult them.

TheJakal Day 1,840, 11:55

I haven't even begun to insult you yet, that's coming later and of course it will be my opinion

Policy Day 1,840, 12:50

How aptly Presidential; "resistance is death"? I thought in a democracy elected individuals are held to account by the public, not vice versa.

TheJakal Day 1,840, 13:05

If you have made this exact same article without your "pity" of endorsing me as a candidate I would have respected it but the fact that you think you've done me a favour by endorsing me, your highly mistaken. I would have fought in the elections even if you ran and perhaps you might have won perhaps not, but sitting your bunker isn't going to bring a revolution.

Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad Bilal Day 1,840, 13:47

So the term has ended :>
Where is the mighty progress report?
Uncle Jakal had been promising so much in past, where is all that??

..... Oh wait, he'll take some time to write an insulting article. A'ight I'm waiting.

Policy Day 1,840, 13:53

My reply to TheJakal:

RL Pakistanii
RL Pakistanii Day 1,841, 04:50

On certain occasions thejakal really act fussy but he deserves one more chance, Don't worry TheJakal, it only seems kinky the first time. I m sure next time u will do better job, just stop lunging on paltry matters! My personal opinion is that every cp should have chance for 2-3 terms so he can do something!

Innocent Killer
Innocent Killer Day 1,841, 06:49

Bring The Owl here from e sim secura

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,841, 15:17

How do you manage to go back and forth from the "WOLF'S LAIR"? Or do you just stay 9 kms below sea level? Don't you feel lonely and bored down there? Is the isolation that causes these delusional remarks? Damn Bo, You need to get yourself out of there. Build a Sand Hut! Save Electricity!

dingorider Day 1,842, 05:40

Hehe we need more of that type of thinking at RLpakistan Shin Gouki[saving electricity]

St0L3n1 Day 1,842, 08:50

Ahh i thought Policy will be doing positive political activities 😕 Like proposing PRF vision for upcoming election not again the blame game 😕

Bilal There are two articles written on this term progress one by TheJakal & second by myself



Policy Day 1,842, 09:02


PRF is a movement, not a political party. If you guys want to lead, then go ahead; don't say we didn't give you a chance.

St0L3n1 Day 1,842, 09:22

Policy: Politics is one game module in this game PRF was leading in past in ePakistan Politics sure it produce some good politician for eNation. My point is you can lead this party in a very good and positive manner I am sure about that.

About the chance well i won't comment on that but I like to say if there is no competition the winning is useless for any party. Very first thing we all need to do is too gather a good population and I know PRF & DPP can do that.

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