[Plato's Foundation] Weekly airforce leaderboard in Bulgaria

Day 3,558, 15:17 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by Sturmmann Batbaianov

Hello guys. I would like to submit a project which aims to stimulate the not that financially strong air force fighters in my country.

The idea came from Sollam's challenge in which he is giving houses to players who make certain number of kills in one week. He is too shy and proud to apply for gold so I am writing this article. You can see some of his donates of houses and the players who were supporte😛

We are applying for a grant of 1000 gold monthly which will be given weekly in the form of q2 and q3 houses.

The requirements will be:

You have to be with bulgarian citizenship
You have to defeat a minimum of 700 opponents by the end of the week

The reward will be one q2 and one q3 houses to the top 17 fighters by kills (17 q2 and 17 q3 houses are around 250 gold). Players with active Power Pack will not be eligible for the rewards - it is considered they have enough money to buy houses themselves.

The houses will be put on the bulgarian market and the winners will have to buy them and send screenshot so their money can be refunded. It should look like this:

best regards
CP of eBulgaria
Sturmmann Batbaianov