[Plato Foundation Proposal]eRepublik Idol - Sing a Song and grab the reward

Day 3,541, 02:11 Published in Norway Norway by Eraclev
Greeting Prosperity to all People around the world, this article is a proposal for a join Plato Foundation, this proposal is for a eWorld singing Competition..

To make our community more fun and entertaining i thinking for making a competition in eRepublik.
The competition will be outside a game mechanism, as you all may remember the last year i made a competition called TAR (The Amazing Race) which supported by the eRepublik Administration Team and the first Competition outside eRepublik mechanism game supported by them, the competition are largely successfull..

The information about The Amazing Race you can see it in here :
[The Amazing Race]Winner Ceremony - Tallinn, Estonia - First Season
The Amazing Race Season 2 - Award Ceremony
[The Amazing Race2.5]Special Season - The Thrones War - Royal Ceremony

A recap made by the player of The Amazing Race :
[RECAP] We are the Winners of TheAmazingRace😒eason1 [EN]
[RECAP] We are the Winners of TheAmazingRace😒eason2 [EN]

This time i thinking for making a Singing competition called eRepublik Idol that i hope the erepublik team can support again.

The procedure will be easy all player as long as they are eRepublik player can join the competition, the song will give via Telegram, Whatsapp, email or other electronic message via the judge

The judge will be :
- eRepublik team
- I as a Founder of the competition
- and other random player

The stage will be :
- An elemination
- Battle Game
- Grand Final

The song will be upload on the Youtube and soundcloud so everyone can hear.

The winner will be:
1st winner
2nd winner
3rd winner
and the favorite (will chose by all player on the comment section on the article)

Potential Sponsor :

Pizzarayne, Si Petung, Fanaxidiel, Chlife, Atracurium and XsidewinderX

Complete information and registration opening will be notified once there is an event sponsor

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