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[Plato Foundation] BIG community FOOD project!

Day 3,663, 14:09 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Muy Caliente
Dear players of eWorld.

Be careful! Article full of text, without image, with POINT! Read till END!

How we all know, before few days was 10th aniversity of eRepublik. We all got reward's of any kind, having moment's of fun, happiness, anger, etc.That it's everything ok, but we don't have only 1 immportant thing in this game. It's calling :


Yes people,food! Why Food? Without Food in eRepublik, you can't:

- eat(recover your Energy)
- fight(in ground or air batlle's(or any kind of batlle's)
- play(what is the point of the game huh?)
- have fun
- motivation to play

You can buy food! Yea everybody say that sentence.It's famous or what? 🙂

Yea if you are strong, if you have enuff rank point's, strenght, avio rank etc. you can just enter, click few time's(few few few time's 😛) and you can win medal for your damage and win gold, you can change that gold in curency and buy food.... bla bla bla already knowed story of eLife right ? 😉

What about player's which can't buy food? What about player's which doesn't has food production? gold? rank? etc...

They can buy GOLD. They have more option's, with creditcard's,paypall(i think),mobilephone(sms)... they can recive gold gift...


Dear eRepublik, this isn't critique, because i HOPE that you made Plato's Foundation with point to keep the player's IN-GAME, Active and satisfated.

My Project Idea it's SIMPLE:

Every Active citizen who play already 6month this game, from everycountry he come, active almost every day, few hour's per day, whole day, active on different modul's in game(politic,war,newspaper's,party...etc) can join in this Project.

Every citizen will recive some amount of food,depend's of Plato Foundation, with how much help(gold)they will support this project ofcourse.

Project idea is that amount to be something generous, like 1000 peaces of some quality of food. (q1(2hp),q2(4hp),q3(6hp),q4(8hp),q5(10hp)).

If the Project Idea be supported, then the NEW ARTICLE with amount and number of food amount of giveaway will be published.In the NEW ARTICLE, player's AROUND THE WORLD can share the ARTICLE, comment EREPUBLIK IS ALIVE! and get food.

Food will be buyed from official market in eRepublik, for the MOST cheap prize. In that case, some other's player's will get curency and profit, that will also keep them IN THE GAME. Right? 😉

Let's remmember again: Just for player's who play the GAME at least 6month! I think it's fair enuff.

I think, that in this way... that all angry player's at the momment will STAY IN-GAME, the player's who will SOON or LATER became ANGRY and disappointed in the game to DON'T LEAVE THE GAME!

This Project also can bring NEW Player's , NEW BabyBoom's, NEW potential buyer's of game promotion's! That is the point of Fondation right? 😉

Now eRepublik it's your TURN!

Decide if this Project Idea will be supported and with how much gold!

Every donation will tracked ofcourse, you are eRepublik 😉

Sorry for English writing mistake's.

With Respect


Maliopopoubross Day 3,663, 14:20


Maliopopoubross Day 3,663, 14:22

- every player can buy food
- there are already 2 or 3 useless projects like this in Plato Foundation

sorry for my comm : (
nice to have ppl willing to make projects 😘
continue ❤

Fagiani Day 3,663, 14:22

"You can buy food! Yea everybody say that sentence. It's famous or what?"

This was funny ! 😁

EPI TG Day 3,663, 14:23

Thanks Can you also post this to your friends page?

Help Please~~~> my friend needs Subscribers

My friend needs 25 Comments
Who is willing to help ??

Muy Caliente
Muy Caliente Day 3,663, 14:26

Done! o7

Davidebkk Day 3,663, 14:24


Rican Day 3,663, 14:35

i will shout this for you

p0wermax Day 3,663, 14:36

English not good

Muy Caliente
Muy Caliente Day 3,663, 14:38

I know, i try my best 🙂 sorry for bad english 🙂

Iamnameless Day 3,663, 15:04

It wasn't that bad either.

AUDAN Day 3,663, 14:49

Good idea!

Maykol 16
Maykol 16 Day 3,663, 14:56

Foood give me foood

Danijel Kralj
Danijel Kralj Day 3,663, 14:56

Food is my city

Everyday bro

Sando Griffin
Sando Griffin Day 3,663, 15:02

git gud or spent guld

UserIDHidden Day 3,663, 15:03


Monster Grinder
Monster Grinder Day 3,663, 15:04


ionpescar Day 3,663, 15:25


RazorbladeByte Day 3,663, 15:35

v + e

CxRhym Day 3,663, 15:59

eTr already doing this.

Muy Caliente
Muy Caliente Day 3,663, 16:01

eTR - Turkey or player? I didn't know or read in foundation there... however help is good for everyone right? 🙂

CxRhym Day 3,663, 16:42

Turkiye. we are getting donation to babies every day from old players 😃 food weapon etc.

CxRhym Day 3,663, 16:42

but you are right. thats why i shouted your article.

El Che G
El Che G Day 3,663, 16:26


Uncle MKD
Uncle MKD Day 3,663, 16:55


Bane Pozarevac
Bane Pozarevac Day 3,663, 17:04


N.J Spykman
N.J Spykman Day 3,663, 17:22

.o? awesome aye

Raima Day 3,663, 17:41


Cmiguel O Vader
Cmiguel O Vader Day 3,663, 18:17


rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 3,663, 18:21

Nice generosity.

"This Project also can bring NEW Player's , NEW BabyBoom's, NEW potential buyer's of game promotion's! "

How will this project do those?

Muy Caliente
Muy Caliente Day 3,663, 18:29

If eRepublik show that, they really help citizen's with Fondation, friend's of player's who leave the game can ofcourse tell them or not? If you are satisfated in this game, you will not this tell to your friend to join in the game? Countries goverment will not work hard to make more population to their country in good game to win against their enemies, when they will know that this game offer's something more than pay? Think about it. I don't critict erepublik, i just want to erepublik and this project litlle bit , bring hope back to the player's to really fight for their eCountrie's.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 3,663, 18:35

You have a good positive attitude. Keep that and keep sharing it and your ideas. It is worth more than gold. 🙂

Muy Caliente
Muy Caliente Day 3,663, 18:41

tnx mate for good words o7

OMR.Ding Day 3,663, 18:30

Alright, but you reshout more times, I hate the behavior. so I delete your friend with me.

Muy Caliente
Muy Caliente Day 3,663, 18:40

Sorry that you have that oppinion, i hope next time, we will have better relationships. I just wanted more people to see,reshout and comment, for everybody good

OMR.Ding Day 3,663, 18:43

I know 🙂

Fanaxidiel Day 3,663, 18:59

"Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime."
I guess that what would really help this game is a better economy involvement. A player who has been in the game 6 months could already be food self-sufficient if he moved in a growing economy, with interesting possibilities to earn.

For a while the young players didn't fight because of the low strength and they used to save everything for their training grounds. Now they have air battles, if they want, so they can invest their golds in food companies, to reach a good weekly challenge level.

If I asked money to Plato's foundation, I would ask it to fund the growth of the players, not just the food consumption. And a growth with solid bases of activity, not just a propaganda shout 😃
Anyway the problem of food will end exactly tomorrow.

Shayan Rmz
Shayan Rmz Day 3,664, 03:02

Thats right
as MoE of Iran, I always suggested new players to become some food independent as far as they could before fighting hard

Thats not a game problem
Thats ours, not planning, and just clicking

ORION RAMIN Day 3,663, 21:10


Stefan Mandalov
Stefan Mandalov Day 3,663, 21:20

In a case when all the prices are going up, and the price of gold is going down - it is a stupid idea to even buy packs of gold with a RL money, so I agree theese kinds of tournaments are lack of a reason

Don Care Leone
Don Care Leone Day 3,663, 21:21

I am broke

AG.Lolipop Day 3,663, 22:18


PRINTSY Day 3,664, 01:46

Good luck with this initiative!

VaIencinero Day 3,664, 02:09


EZStreet Day 3,664, 08:51


Mas que un club
Mas que un club Day 3,664, 09:12

Nice idea, supported and good luck 🙂

Wolfeztai ll
Wolfeztai ll Day 3,665, 23:19


X E O N the J O K E R
X E O N the J O K E R Day 3,674, 16:58


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