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(While the teams are being formed and working on their rubrics, the Champion’s League is on our doorstep.
Having in mind the promised football forecasts, we offer you a preliminary article before the Weekly Journal’s official launch.


About 2 months ago my friend Aimanan sent me a music video by a forgotten by me metal performer.
The music really impressed me and I decided to have a look at the singer’s biography.
After I found out that the musician has been inspired by bands like "RUSH"

Enough about “Rush”.
Let me just mention that they are the people that created
the saga of the contemporary Tom Sawyer.

Of course, going through the musical biography of the said performer and his band “Godsmack”, I recalled of a long forgotten music video from the movie “The Scorpion King” : “I Stand Alone”.



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Which character from the movie is hidden behind the subtopic’s white border?

Every correct answer will receive 1000cc!

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