[PHX] The New Countries

Day 1,039, 06:26 Published in Serbia China by Donnie Bronco

-Defend Liaoning-

As you may have read in the latest eRepublik Insider article, the admins have finally added several more countries.

New countries means new regions and borders, which means the game has the potential to become more interesting, and not only for the people native to these places. The creation of new countries also brings new diplomatic opportunities, and the chance for everyone to make new friends.

One such friend many people already have in Phoenix is the players from Macedonia, who have been campaigning for the addition of their country for a substantial amount of time, during which they have already opened talks with Phoenix, and even gone as far to help us on the battlefield.

We are happy that after long last, Macedonia has a country in eRepublik, but we are also aware that they aren’t pleased with the name admins have given it. The admins stance on this is that;

***We know that there is an entire discussion about the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. We will not engage ourselves into any debate about this topic, so please do not insist! We will use the same reference as the majority of the International Organisations, until the moment the two countries involved will initial an official treaty about the final official denomination.
For those of you that have the urge to debate the nomination, you can read on the Wikipedia about the Macedonia naming dispute and its current status.

However, I personally feel that the admins should respect the opinions of the people who actually play the game. It is only a small alteration to suit their wishes, and after all - this is the new world. There is also the issue of using Wikipedia as a source..

You can read the open letter on this issue here.

In the meantime, Phoenix will be turning it’s attention to it’s members and it’s military. We are undergoing some changes and we are also considering moving the Phoenix Staff elections closer to the Congress elections.

And of course, move to Liaoning, Serbia. Defend them from China!

It may also be worth checking out this article, about Phoenix’s top fighters.

Once again we would like to congratulate all real countries which will be added.
Congratulations Macedonia, Montenegro, Taiwan, Belarus and New Zealand 😉

Secretary General of PHX, Mr Woldy
Department of Internal and Foreign Affairs of PHX, BattalGazi


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