[Phoenix] Ashes to Ashes

Day 1,368, 14:38 Published in Serbia China by Donnie Bronco

Dear Members of Phoenix,

I have come back to take the leadership of Phoenix at a difficult time. It is time to rise and to start moving forward. It is our goal to aim for excellence as our former SG Dishmcds claimed 500 days ago. He explained that we shall not forget that we are human and that is no obstacle that can stop us if we are determined to win!

Sometimes our enemies forget about this and forget that it does matter what you can do and what you cannot do!

So I will juts welcome our newest and actually one of the oldest members serbia back into PHOENIX. Together we will bring PEACE back to the surface and win over the so called allies you have at the moment. To accomplish this new bond between Serbia and PHX, we demand oriana to be given as the newest wife of Jazar.

ONE should start to look both ways since more of the old allies will join together to defeat Poland and Hungary! Further informations for the upcoming military strategies will be provided by our SC Jazar.

SG PHOENIX ALLIANCE , Donnie Bronco (King of eJamaica)
Deputy SG PHOENIX ALLIANCE , dermont (Queen of eJamaica)

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