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[Pants] - 30% Discount for NLSP Liar Bars!

Day 1,790, 21:33 Published in Belgium USA by GoopyPants

Why NLSP for president of anything is a bad idea

Remember that time that NLSP made sure that everyone in RB was well informed, made sure that as many RB members as possible were elected to congress, and was a great and upstanding guy?

No? Right… because it has never happened.


Set your way-back machine to the CM elections of June 2012.

eBE had two regions, one of which was going to be occupied by eNL before the vote-tallying would be finished in the CM elections.

Only one province would be safe, the other province would be occupied and anyone running there couldn't become a CM, and it would be too late to switch to the "safe" province.

So each PP had to let their party members know where they should run.

NLSP went to his party, telling them he didn't know which province would be left and suggested everyone run in a province other than the one he was running in.

And NLSP just happened to run in the province that was "safe", leaving (almost) all of his party in the -wrong- province. And out of congress. And 5G. Each.

Wow! How lucky is that! Almost all the RB members didn't get into congress, but its so awesome that NLSP just happened to pick correctly! And he got to keep his 5G (rather than donate it, just like his CP medal). Neat!

Oh wait, Nope, no luck involved. Just lies.

To maximize his own chances for being elected, since all he really cares about is himself, NLSP lied to RB.

Yep. He knew exactly which province would be safe, with 100% certainty, well ahead of time.

And encouraged everyone to run in the other province.

Wait? What?

Wasn't NLSP outraged about how a TW shouldn't be organized near an election? That he didn't agree procedurally with the TW and drafted legislation condemning the CP for gross incompetence?

Sure, but the whole time he was lying through his teeth.

NLSP had access to a "Restricted ATO discussion" forum on the official forums, and was being kept apprised of the situation the entire time. He knew it wasn't a TW and knew what the plan was. Because he disagreed with the plan, he started screaming in outrage in public, knowing that for the a-PTO effort to have any chance of success, the TW charade had to be maintained, which allowed his accusations to go unanswered (to keep the pretense).

But most importantly, NLSP knew well in advance which province would be safe for the CM elections. And chose to conceal that information to maximize his own chances for a CM medal.

Being in the "safe" province with far fewer CMs that could be elected, NLSP knew he would need more than his usual number of pocket votes. So he lied to and tricked RB members into running in the wrong province, knowing their CM bid would fail, and they would need to vote for him to stay within the party. Maximize his votes, maximize his chances of getting elected.

So now PP elections are upcoming, and NLSP is currently eBE CP.

Do we need a liar and a fraud as CP and PP?

Am I asking you to vote for me? No, don't vote for me.

But whatever you do, don't vote for NLSP.

A CP who has only published one article in 10 days.

A CP who thinks its cute to see if he can be a 2-clicker CP, no matter the cost to eBelgium.

A CP that enjoys lying to his party.

A CP and PP eBelgium can't afford to have.



GoopyPants Day 1,790, 21:34

Oh, and it is certainly cute that NLSP is keeping me from the RB party forums. Really classy.

MaryamQ Day 1,791, 01:09

Has it occurred to you that it is not solely the decision of NLSP to keep you from the party forum? Has even one RB member told you that s/he disagreed about this?

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,791, 03:44

I love constructive opposition ^^

GoopyPants Day 1,791, 07:06

" Has even one RB member told you that s/he disagreed about this? "

Seeing as I can't get to the forums, no.

Or did you mean something else?

p0lluxx Day 1,791, 07:24

*shadow multi detected*

MaryamQ Day 1,791, 07:51

Have you asked any RB members directly?

GoopyPants Day 1,791, 09:32

Using my telepathic powers? No.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,791, 12:05

"Oh, and it is certainly cute that NLSP is keeping me from the RB party forums. Really classy."

NLSP not wanting people arguing with him or disagreeing with him is nothing news.

That being said, I don't think we should to open up old wounds, what happend happend. The whole nagging that Goopy and Shadow etc are doing is getting old and will only lead to a civil war again. Could we just try to find common ground, this constant fighting will only hurt Belgium in the long run.

MaryamQ Day 1,791, 21:01

I certainly agree that the constant fighting will only do harm. I think it is clear that a lot of harm has already been done.

Goopy, I make no claim to telepathic powers, yet I have no difficulty at all making contact with non-NLSP members of RB at any time I wish. That is one of the lamest excuses I have ever heard. If you really wanted to know what RB thinks, you would have no difficulty finding out. And have you happened to notice the shout box? You can't be excluded from that!

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