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[ÖIP] ÖIP Platform

Day 1,898, 13:33 Published in Austria Austria by Luis Grindl

The Österreichs Independence Party is built around three key principles: Liberty, Respect, and Independence. These principles have applications in all aspects of life here in eAustria.

At home, we believe the political environment should remain free and open - we benefit from hearing different points of view and considering issues fully before taking action. The paths to advancement should remain open to those who are active, interested, and trustworthy; the government should not be used as a tool to harm political opponents. And even when there are big differences of opinion, these are best explained in a respectful way.

Our economic view is that it is dangerous to concentrate too much economic power into the hands of the government, and further, it is counterproductive. Our economy is strongest not when it is run by those who are "connected" or central planners, but rather by those who can best manage their companies and worker base, as they see fit, in a competitive market. Different people have different ideas about the best economic model - but it is not the job of government to dictate which is best, nor should it stand in peoples way.

Abroad, we believe that we should fight for Austrian interests - never resigning ourselves to be a puppet of an alliance structure, while recognizing we cannot be alone. By working to strengthen positive, respectful relationships, we can best pursue these interests. We are not the largest nation, but when we are known as a trustworthy partner, we can find greater success. It is important to build relationships with our friends and allies so that we may face down threats when they arise.

It takes more than voting to ensure Austria remains free and open - it requires taking action in our public sphere. If these are principles you stand behind, we encourage you to consider standing with us.

Luis Grindl, ÖIP Party President
Rangeley, ÖIP Party Councilor


Rangeley Day 1,898, 13:35


Prince of Austria
Prince of Austria Day 1,898, 13:37

Big Boat! Erm VOTE : )

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