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~Orchidaceae~ What I think about ONE and Terra/Eden

Day 1,349, 07:30 Published in USA Canada by Elari Reili


ONE vs Terra/Eden

ONE - Still Rising from ashes, like Phoenix

Let's start with Serbia, week ago Serbia had +51 regions and today July 31, 2011 what we can see? Only 29 regions left, so what happened. Its seems the superpower Serbia isn't so super anymore. Now there is the era of pink color (Poland). Right now ONE have difficulty in keeping the regions which they captured two months ago or so. Remember when PEACE and Phoenix existed? They made the same mistakes, conquered most of the eWorld and then they had trouble to keeping their conquered regions.

Every county have nice citizens, but Country Administrations in ONE made bad decisions. I don't hate ONE citizens at all!

Congratulations, you won Failure of Year Award

Terra/Eden - Brotherhood

What I can say about Terra/Eden..? After Poland and Spain joined with ONE, Eden lose most of the power because of that. Some Eden countries still have problems or been tottaly invaded - Finland is the one of the countries in list who is invaded. Why we don't help our brothers in Finland? They always helped Eden when Poland and Spain were in alliance. Threre is many countries who need reborn!

Still I'm giving this award for Terra/Eden
Congratulations, you won Hero of Year Award

Hail Australia
Hail Bulgaria
Hail Brazil
Hail China
Hail Croatia
Hail Canada
Hail Chile
Hail Cyprus
Hail Finland
Hail France
Hail Greece
Hail Italy
Hail Ireland
Hail Norway
Hail Romenia
Hail Russia
Hail Ukraine
Hail USA

Overall Analysis
For eRep admins this is not useful if a few countries control the whole eWorld. Because we see that new users registration will drops drastically and it's not useful for admins. The only winner in wars is economy - productivity and demand in market increasing, it means more money for country and compnais pocket.

FFC Elari Reili, 5th Division, Devil Platoon

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Later, peace


Cro Ronin
Cro Ronin Day 1,349, 07:39


Elari Reili
Elari Reili Day 1,349, 07:41

Welcome to reality. o/

L A U T Y Day 1,349, 07:44


ChewChewShoe Day 1,349, 07:45


Fjass Day 1,349, 07:58

well you do fail if you see at the world map. terra/EDEN have't been able to stop any invasion yet!

Elari Reili
Elari Reili Day 1,349, 08:07

Yes invasion, but ONE aka PEACE, PHONEIX always make some mistakes if they plan invasion. They succeed invasion, still they have difficult to hold the regions.

Giorgos Zaikos
Giorgos Zaikos Day 1,349, 11:47

Hurrrr durrr Ammurrrrica

EDEN and Terra are the biggest fails in all of the eWorld
Fail EDEN/Terra
Hail ONE

silisius Day 1,349, 20:07


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