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[ONE] RL meeting in Budapest, come it's fun

Day 1,241, 14:43 Published in Poland Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by ONE HQ

Dear Citizens of the eWorld,

Today we are writing about a bit different issue. No campaings, no victories, just RL stuff.

A few of you might know that there will be an real life meeting in Budapest at 19-21 August. We have decided to advertise it in as many countries as we can.

International Erepublik meeting - 19-21st August, Budapest

We would like to bring your attention to the first upcoming international meeting that will be held between the 19th and 21st of August in Budapest, Hungary.

Everyone is welcome, we hope that each one of you is going to have a good time here.

So let’s see the details:

The date:

- we set the date at the end of August so you can plan ahead. We know that you cannot organise a foreign trip overnight so you have plenty of time to make this long weekend free.
- as some of you know, the 20th of August is a national holiday in Hungary. That means, you are not just given the opportunity to meet players from all over the world but you can also see the the city celebrate and make some awesome photos of the grand firework 😉


- we try to accomodate as many people for free in our homes as possible. Despite of that some of you may have to book a room in a hotel or hostel. We are here to assist you with any questions you might have and we will also try to look up the most fairly priced rooms in town.

The program:

We personally feel responsible about you having a good time once you visited our country.
Sightseeing tours will be provided for free, you can see the plan below and come to as many or as few proposals you like. (The sightseeing tours themselves are going to be free of charge, however if you would like to see an area you should finance entry fees for yourself. We are working on group discounts so you don’t have to go bankrupt on Hungarian culture.)

19th of August:

- arriving in town, people meet their hosts/ check in their booked rooms.
- getting ready for clubbing.
- 20:00 CET - ? CET clubbing 🙂

20th of August:

- 10: 00 CET Castle District, Buda
- cca. 12:30 CET arriving @ Margit-sziget (Margaret Island)
- cca. 15:00 CET (I personally suggest this appointment since I think we should spend the hottest day of time under some nice tall trees 🙂 ) Szent István Bazilika (Saint Stephen Basilica)
- cca. 16:30 CET Hősök Tere (Heroes Square)
- cca. 17:30 CET Free time 😛
- in the evening: watching fireworks, clubbing 🙂

21th of August:

plan a)
You are early birds and leave the country

You come visit the Ráckeve aquapark with us 🙂

All houres are rather estimated than fixed, it depends on you, how much time would you like to spend at a given destination. This schedule is made upon my experience as a tour guide.

If you are interested in participating, keep in touch with at least one of the following people:

srnica/sekica18 - on behalf of Serbia
alpho - on behalf of Romania
Kita Skowronski / AThompson - on behalf of Hungary
Manedhel on behalf of Poland
/more contact persons and their links will be added later on/

We hope that many of you will come to Budapest. Cya there!

Secretary General: Gregory Gallangher
Military Commander: StrozeR

Deputy Secretary General: Mikel_Ahone
Deputy Military Commander: Baltazar8

Department of International Relations : AThompson

In the end I would like to invite every friendly citizen of the ONE, every honorable opponent and troll to our public IRC channel on Rizon: #one.public

National translations

If you have any, please either comment or send a PM to the ONE HQ org we will put it here.


Yhamilitz Day 1,241, 14:43


Cruz Azul 3-0 Monterrey ^^

McPingvin Day 1,241, 14:44


Yhamilitz Day 1,241, 14:45

Hail Mexico
Hail Poland
Hail Spain
Hail Macedonia
Hail Serbia
Hail Hungary
Hail ONE

Mestre Luiz
Mestre Luiz Day 1,241, 14:45

Voted! Nice idea!

Ghostbiker Day 1,241, 14:46

I will be there! 😃;)

eShayan Day 1,241, 14:46


Helm Hammerhand
Helm Hammerhand Day 1,241, 14:48

Nice, will try to come...

Lisztes Day 1,241, 14:48


Yhamilitz Day 1,241, 14:48

NOTE: I live in Mexico and I need morte that €750, I have the half of this (in Mexican money)

theodeus Day 1,241, 14:49

goddamit, i'll be somewhere in France on 19-21 August. But im planning to visit Budapest by the end of April, any erep meetings? : )

Manedhel Day 1,241, 14:49

I will be there o/

AThompson Day 1,241, 14:50

theodeus there will be one in May 5th I think. : #

Podkrepa Day 1,241, 14:51

Being a casual Bakan guy the first question popping in my mind is "will the security check for granades?".

theodeus Day 1,241, 14:51

@AThompson, i need to be back in Poland on May 3rd ; (

vasmegye Day 1,241, 14:52

May 7th the right date not 5th

Joe Newton
Joe Newton Day 1,241, 14:53

sad you guys try so hard for a game that blows. this would have been respectable a year ago

Rona1d Day 1,241, 14:57


Thindael Day 1,241, 14:57


dupi Day 1,241, 15:05

v, i'll be there 😃:D (it's only 10 kms for me)

fuzzy0wuzzy Day 1,241, 15:06

This will be realy nice,i cant come i dont have 18 years 😒 next summer i`m coming!!!!!!!!!! 😃

Andrei Lebowski
Andrei Lebowski Day 1,241, 15:06

omg. i must be there! 😕

clawy Day 1,241, 15:08

Joe Newton, these meetings were never about the game. Even when it was still good.

ZeneFallX Day 1,241, 15:11

I Dont like ONE but...awesome Ideia! Congrats : )

kispisti007 Day 1,241, 15:14


Muanyag Ember
Muanyag Ember Day 1,241, 15:16

I have a vision! I'm gonna be f*ckin drunk in those days

Ignaki Day 1,241, 15:20

Budapest.... fuuuuu... so expensive... T_T

Vitortomic Day 1,241, 15:21

nice 🙂

The German Eagle
The German Eagle Day 1,241, 15:22

nice idea

Lunatic2903 Day 1,241, 15:22


M O R R O N C I T O Day 1,241, 15:29

nice one! voted!

zoka su
zoka su Day 1,241, 15:31

I think EDEN will wait that date to win a battle xD coz all ONE 'll be there... ONE for ALL , ALL for ONE 😁

Hail Brotherhood...

from a Turkish citizen.

Ithilwen Day 1,241, 16:02


Alexander Macedon
Alexander Macedon Day 1,241, 16:31

Well I think we'll come 🙂

blackpanther76 Day 1,241, 16:32

Great idea : ) I will be there for sure : )

Bajke sm
Bajke sm Day 1,241, 16:40

Serbs are coming since it's only a few hours drive from Belgrade.

ps: I have been in Budapest 2 times great city nice people, but doesn't have night clubs as much as Belgrade

Matko Gljiva
Matko Gljiva Day 1,241, 17:02

will be nice to kick serbian as* in budapest : p

GarVul Day 1,241, 17:17

better in Belgrade : D

Jon Show
Jon Show Day 1,241, 17:27

I may come

Shadow1712 Day 1,241, 18:20

hmm...I will try to come!

Kutluk Bilge Kul Cito
Kutluk Bilge Kul Cito Day 1,241, 18:41

Great idea,RL is RL,eRep is eRep,good luck all friends 😘

Gabranth Serge
Gabranth Serge Day 1,241, 18:54

there will be sex and beer?

Yhamilitz Day 1,241, 20:40

Brind some Mexican Beer and German Condoms plz

D3lict Day 1,241, 22:44

nice !

i salute that

Kherehabath Day 1,241, 23:18

Będę o/

SmoothZiga Day 1,241, 23:28

Slovenians might come also.
One question... is there any camps around there? Its summer so we can also camp = )

ma nabifar
ma nabifar Day 1,242, 00:32


DivineLard Day 1,242, 01:51

3G network is available ::DD

Aleksandar Kolchak
Aleksandar Kolchak Day 1,242, 02:38

RL is fun!!😃

Manedhel Day 1,242, 03:28

smooth ziga, i googled camping + budapest (try this out! ) - there are many results ;P

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