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[OFFICIAL]US Department of the Interior

Day 2,179, 18:12 Published in USA USA by stephen s

Good evening my fellow eAmericans,

Today I write officially from the United States Department of the Interior. It has been awhile since my last paper and I have been tasked with giving the nation an update as to what we are up to here in the Department of the Interior.

The Department of the Interior is comprised of its Secretary: Arrden, and Deputy Secretary: Stephen S. After a brief conversation with POTUS and promises of funding, We here at the DoI are glad to announce the return of the Moving Cost Program.

That’s right!! Free money for moving!
For those of you who are unaware of the Moving Cost Program(MCP) and its benefits, I will lay it out for you. All you have to do is apply via a google document. You will apply once a day, and if you are members of Division 1, 2, or 3 ingame you will receive 40CC for moving expenses. For those of you who remember the MCP, it used to be only 20 CC a day but we have bumped it up and lowered the daily application number to 1 which will relieve stress on the money distributors.

Requirements for Elgibility:
• Minimum strength of 500
• In divisions 1-3 ingame.

Under the orders of Secretary of the Interior Arrden, I will be leading and coordinating efforts of the Moving Cost Program to ensure that participants are receiving funds in a reasonable time zone from when they request at a national level. So without further a due, Get your ticket today and move around a bit!
NOTE: The MC Program will re-launch tomorrow, Friday, on November the 8th at roughly 1800 erep. Stay tuned for the application link as it will be added tomorrow when we launch.

Moving Cost Program Application: (Will be added on Friday, November 8th).

The publishing of this news article has been officially sponsored by the United States Department of the Interior for informational purposes.

Secretary of the Interior

Stephen S
Deputy Secretary of the Interior



stephen s
stephen s Day 2,179, 18:12

First Reserved for the Department of the Interior!

olivermellors Day 2,179, 18:24

fellow who just got banned from congress? 🙂 .. Keep up the good work. We all make mistakes .... nice article. Regards

stephen s
stephen s Day 2,179, 18:31

Not banned from congress. Censured haha... There's actually quite a big difference. For example, RGR is banned from Congress and will never have commenting rights on the congressional forums. I am censured, meaning that for the rest of the term, I am no longer allowed in discussions/votes unless congress discusses and votes to remove my censure. Ill most likely be back next month but this all played out well since Im in charge of the program and itll be time consuming to feed America's transportation needs.

stephen s
stephen s Day 2,179, 18:32

And in addition to the previous reply, Malovent was the guy that I let in without IES approval. He will be assisting me in the program with handing out money so I hope Congress sees that no harm was done by letting him in. I was glad to serve as a lesson and deterrent to anyone else who plans on illegally approving someone citizenship.

olivermellors Day 2,179, 21:16

yes, I did puzzle a bit about just how effective the sanction would be as deterrent when both you and the person you let in are actively engaged in executive functions.
BTW: an interesting curiosity - "censure" generally means a sharp rebuke or reproach, delivered in writing or orally without other sanction. So I have always understood it to be until I arrived at the eUS forum where it includes a temporary ban from participation in congress. Is this a reflection of a RL difference between the USA and other common law jurisdictions? Either way, your ability to accept responsibility is admirable and in marked contrast to a similar recent episode. Good on you.

stephen s
stephen s Day 2,180, 02:21

why thank you haha:D

stephen s
stephen s Day 2,180, 02:34

I specifically told them not to fight the censure.

DoI Approved Message

Tanishq Day 2,179, 20:03

What happened to the DoI newspaper?

Tanishq Day 2,179, 20:36


Arrden Day 2,179, 21:25

Voted for the Bison!
Voted for Stephen s!
Voted for the return of the Moving Cost Program!

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