[Official] CTRL battle order. [Edited with Spoland's answer]

Day 1,773, 12:20 Published in USA Argentina by Leuch
BRAZIL aka Friendship above all
Resources 10/10
Natural enemy: NO
Rank: 7
Campaign of the day: Aquitaine.
"We are here for our brothers, good luck America"

SPAIN aka the Fisherman
Resources 7/10
Natural enemy: Colombia
Rank: 2
Campaign of the day: Lisboa
"Sorry bro, we need to secure fish"

A beginning of answer by Chuchi in comment: "Colombia is the natural enemy of eSpain. And if you didnt notice because you were busy doing the drama queen, we lost southamerica and we will have a double NE if we let portugal reappear."
Oh yes, sorry guys, I totally forgot that your strong nation called Poland in order to win against Portugal. If you will give me tissues, I think I will cry.
At least we all learned that when you are busy with ""strongs"" nations, you don't care of your allies. Nice sense of priority.

Poland aka we need 10 roads to secure our bonuses

Resources 10/10
Natural enemy: NO
Rank: 6
Campaign of the day:
"Sorry America, we need to create a third road to our bonuses. Well no, in fact we need to help real friend. Check our priority here: Bonuses > friends who help us to secure our bonuses > puppets if we have time for them."

Poland's answer is here. They made 16 billions damages since one month.
Does that means you fight for your allies ? No.
We don't learn anything, we all know you are strong, your gay color is everywhere on the map.
Since the last month, Poland has NE with Ireland, Portugal, France and Czech Republik. Good job, you helped CTRL a lot. Thank for the info.

USA aka not available land

Resources 4/10
Natural enemy: Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
Rank: 5
Campaign of the day:
"We are CTRL, we are close friends, we will won everything. Hail brotherhood. One day."

I bet on "Eden propaganda" in comments. But facts are here, and they are reals.
There are 3 types of countries: those who are your friends, those who are your ennemies, those who don't care about you.
America, don't be blind.

[Official] CTRL battle order. [Edited with Spoland's answer]