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[Norway Embassy] Interview with eRomanian MoFA - Schmidt Bogdan

Day 1,891, 13:38 Published in Norway Norway by Nills Holgerson
Good evening everyone,

The romania MoFA agreed to give me an interview today. It was an interesting discution as I hope you all see. No more chit-chat...let's get to what's important:

Hello mister Schmidt!


I sent you a message the other you have some free time?

Yes...I remember...Sure, I have some time. I would like to welcome you to Romania

Thank you very is very nice to be here. I wanted an interview with you 🙂

Very good. I am ready to answer your questions, so let's get to the subject then 🙂

Sure...I saw Romania is in a difficult situation now...with the polish attack. What is the general feeling in the country?

We are fighting hard to have Congress. The feeling is a little bad, cause we miss some allies fight in very important battles and also, we have some people in Congress, in the oposition, that are trying to hold the government from what we have to do. Today in Muntenia, we were almost alone, i saw only some croatian.
The big win though is that this gouvernment mannaged to unite almost 90% of the army.

Poland is a great strenght in erepublik...they could fight anyone...But EDEN was a great force...fighting togheder...what happend?

EDEN is also now a great force. But EDEN is a great force when it will fight for one purpose, as brotherhood. If each country fights for itself.... there will be no EDEN force

I saw Romania and Norway don't have a MPP...would it help if we had one?

In the present situation, both countries are engaged in 2 big wars.
Romania with Poland, Norway with UK and both of us are fighting hard to have Congress. The cost of a MPP is 10k cc for each it will be very hard right now to sign it...but in the near future maybe...everything will be possible

I guess you have some experience in this area

It is my second month as MoFA and also 8th I think as vMoD

Nice...I see you like to involve

Yes...I just had time

About the future CP elections...I heard Valahian wants to go for another try. Do you think this is a good idea?

My personal oppinion is yes, cause he made a lot of good things and also he could continue his plan

What would the opposition say?

Opposition will never understand that we have a country together to defend and to lead and to win wars together. When the opposition will collaborate, Romania will be in a better situation than now

I understand....and I totally agree...internal stability is a must

Well...I think this is pretty much it for now. I hope we can catch up after a few days

Ok will find me on irc when you will have any questions

Thank you for the interview. Lykke til Schmidt

Mult noroc! (Good luck!)

This was the interview. Mister Schmidt is an agreeable man and I am very proud I managed to interview him. I hope we will have the chance to talk again.
Thank you for your attention.

Have a great evening,
Nills Holgerson
eNorway Embassy in eRomania



t0trag Day 1,891, 15:02

😁 nice on nils!😁 Schmidt is a great mofa...and i`m sorry i couldnt onor his proposel to be vmofa!:-<

Sthanley Heykel
Sthanley Heykel Day 1,891, 15:10

Very informative, kudos for the initiative. Keep things this way!

Akashaton Day 1,892, 02:44

Good work!

Georgij Zjukov
Georgij Zjukov Day 1,892, 10:04

Great interview.
You're going to to well in eNorwegian politics;)

Kristoph Woldskji
Kristoph Woldskji Day 1,892, 13:30

Well done, keep up the good work!

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