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[NEWS] TO risk around the World [UPDATED]

Day 489, 03:23 Published in Romania Romania by sebahmah

I need people from Czech rep, China, Israel, Canada, Norway, Mexico to help me update this database here:

LINK TO Database

Send a PM, thanks

UPDATE TOs around the world:

**************************************** *********
Israel - by iranians
Austria - by germans
Czech Republic - by hungarians
Norway - by hungarians
Canada -by hungarians
Moldova - by romanians
Ukraine - by hungarians
China - by iranians and indonesians
South Africa - by brazilians
Slovakia - by hungarians
Mexico - by polish
Bosnia - by everybody

**************************************** *********

I have gathered data about demographics and economicals tatus of 75% countries around the world. I haven't used data for big mamoths, as it's hard to believe there will be any attempts against them.

Still, if you want to see if your country is in danger check this link:


I used some indicators like: population per region, gold in treasury, currency in treasury, active voters per region and strategic position. All of them increase the TO risk rating with 1, except Gold in treasury where the influence is proportional with the Gold.

The countries with +3 TO risk are:

Czech Republic
South Korea


Also there is an important chance that the countries listed with 2 and that are bordering one of the major countries involved in armed conflicts will be also in danger of TO: like China, Norway,India, Moldavia etc.

Be prepared goons are already preparing, we need to be prepared too. I am issuing a request towards USA, Romania, Indonesia and Hungary to create anti-TO teams and protect the small countries against goons.

Vote this up, so everyone is prepared.


DiLI Covasnian
DiLI Covasnian Day 489, 03:24

bilte q1 la 18 ron. pm,banii si primiti biletul

bjelland Day 489, 03:25


Zyklon_B Day 489, 03:26


oarecare Day 489, 03:26

ai uitat moldova

SupaFly Day 489, 03:26

protect the small countries !

Gooffree Day 489, 03:26

voted. Excellent article as usual 🙂

oarecare Day 489, 03:27

si moldova e de top3.

Ovidash Day 489, 03:27

Food Q2 - 3 RON
10 buc - 28 RON

newcx7 Day 489, 03:27

gj, voted

diu1so Day 489, 03:30

there will be problems with the big countries, too..

yonutz_torres Day 489, 03:32


OchiReci Day 489, 03:34

Moldova se pare ca nu exista pe harta ta si e pacat, m`ai dezamagit ieri ca ai uitat de ea, acum iar.

Oricum e ironic articolul , contacteaza`l pe Victor Petrescu sa iti dea detalii despre subiect ca e expert totusi.

Zoli Day 489, 03:36

It's going to be interesting. In some case big countries will fight each other to TO an important country.

Some countries already asked for help from Hungary and will receive help.

Pakistan is an interesting case as Romania will probably try a TO, or Han Solo represents anti-TO?

The.Crow Day 489, 03:36

Sweet dreams, sebahmah... As always, your intention is honorable, but I don't think this will be taken serious by the nations you metioned.

Indeed, that could be a wery well "program". Making those "anti-TO teams" involving the greatest ennemies in war, it will be the most honorable move done by those greatest powers.
That could show that eR can be (and must be) a fun game to play, in an honorable way.

But that's utopic, anyway. 😐

sebahmah Day 489, 03:36

Nu am uitat de Moldova, dar din cauza ca sunt saraci lipiti nu sunt un target de TO, doar un target strategic.

Toothpaste Day 489, 03:37

Nice work

Alexandru Guta
Alexandru Guta Day 489, 03:39

Moving tickets-- 21 Ron bucata

655321 Day 489, 03:40

You have China only with a risk factor of 2 and Norway with 1 listed, but it is quite certain that there will be serious TO attempts in those countries.

Paradoxological Holding
Paradoxological Holding Day 489, 03:52

I'm curious though about the TO risks of the Mammoths you mentioned. Otherwise great work! Respect...

Gorgias of Leontini

Quicksilver Day 489, 03:52

Take the Czech out I guess, but put Norway in, and also China.

Funny reading Indo, Rom and Hun as anti-TO contenders. 😛

The first 2 are the main TO-ing countries till now, and the third catching up as fast as it can. 😃

Han Solo
Han Solo Day 489, 03:58

@Zoli: Nobody is allowed to do a TO in MATZALANDIA. So better not try do that. 🙂

cowox Day 489, 04:02

eRomania = Master of TO...

sebahmah Day 489, 04:04


if we were masters we would have got india, ukraine, china.. but we failed so we're no masters.

vladb Day 489, 04:05

you should add GB ..not for a real TO..but for redirecting the strategy 🙂

Zoli Day 489, 04:08


SaraDroz Day 489, 04:20

I think it's being organised...

YudhanizZzation Day 489, 04:25

TO yuuuk

silentrazgriz Day 489, 04:32

nice article.. btw, pakistan is already under TO, maybe better not to write it..

Quicksilver Day 489, 04:34

Pakistan is a target, that is for sure. But not for Han Solo. 🙂

COMMEX Trade Inc
COMMEX Trade Inc Day 489, 05:11

and who protected our eSerbia from eCroatia? we suffered complete TO, both presidential and congress and soon we will be annexed after phantom war created by eCroat president... or is it OK because eCroats are your allies? 🙁

Katzenjammer Day 489, 05:30

Yes,yes it is:)

Miyamoto_Musashi Day 489, 06:04

Nice article 🙂 Agree with The Crow, though - I think it's hard to expect any of the larger countries to coordinate and assist smaller countries. I think it's incumbent on the countries at risk to better organize and map out strategies to avoid TO.

Mazulja Day 489, 06:53

eSerbia is about to be TO by eCroatia... You should check your informations... 😃

Silent Bob
Silent Bob Day 489, 06:53


Bosnian_Sultan Day 489, 07:22

why bosnia! dam

sebahmah Day 489, 07:22

serbia was TOed

reboot Day 489, 08:05

voted, this is important

Tóth TamÃ&
Tóth TamÃ& Day 489, 10:20

We can offer a few people if things go right.
You can contact them on 25th in #antito
Probably someone will be there xD

ToMhAs Day 489, 10:22

add austria

Quicksilver Day 489, 10:24

Sebahmah, there was a Hungarian writer, called Rejtő Jenő, who wrote hilariously funny books about stories in the French Foreign Legion (unfortunately only in Hungarian), and amongst these there was a famous one, about the so-called Invisible Legion (Láthatatlan Légió), who go around in Africa in secret, and help out where help is needed, and in the meanwhile always search for something. They do have strange habits, strange uniforms, and an even stranger, one can almost say a slightly crazy leader.

We took the name from this book. 🙂

0asishead Day 489, 11:06

Tutug Oncom? enaknya pake bala2+sambel tarasi, beuh nikmat cuy etamah ^^

Lester Snopes
Lester Snopes Day 489, 12:28

Goons are the worst.

Szopen Day 489, 13:21

and where is Poland?!

Battle Station 2
Battle Station 2 Day 489, 13:23

bilete 19 lei 🙂

sa ne uitam si in gradina noastra ca nu se stie cum ne trezim TeOizati... Cat suntem noi de mari si tari...

Turrikka Day 489, 16:20

But indonesians are goons....

Heymans Day 489, 18:11

Oh the irony.

GabrielP Day 489, 20:18

Hai ca Ukraine si Moldavia sunt creatia mandatului lui dsalageanu...

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