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(Nathaner) financial advice for a new player

Day 1,957, 17:33 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by nathaner

Hi , today i'm having an article about finances for new players and how to spend there starting money . I'l try to keep this short and informative 🙂

If you don't stop fighting until you run out of energy bars on your first day (military rank ups) , you will keep on leveling up which will give you full energy and more importantly 1 gold . Using this method you can get to level 20 on your first day and if you fighting with Q6/Q7 weapons for your country you will receive a true patriot medal ( 5 gold ) . Fighting with Q7 will cost about £350 and Q6 £240 .

All in all you should have 23-24 gold ( after buying weapons ) and i would suggest you do 4 things .

- Join a MU commune such as legion where you can get up to 16 Q7's PER DAY as well as a regular £10 wage .

- sign up for the NHS and get 500 free health per day Link here

- wait for a training grounds offer so that you can double the amount you train and earn lots of shiny super soldier medals

- save up your gold , don't buy energy bars or health kits but if you really want to invest either buy an aluminum mine or further upgrade you training grounds

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surferdude Day 1,957, 18:38

Wow, I should have done that

nathaner Day 1,957, 19:00

me too , i spent all my money on oil rigs and guns because i wasnt in a commune

surferdude Day 1,957, 21:23

I bought another food factory for which I don't have enough food materials to support 🙂

Vorian Drake
Vorian Drake Day 1,957, 22:52

Sound advice!

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,957, 23:52

Voted, good advice Mr Nathaner

T White II
T White II Day 1,958, 02:02


Jimbobfrey Day 1,958, 10:20

Good advice 🙂

The link to the NHS application form is:

nathaner Day 1,958, 10:23

thank you

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