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[Mr Crumpets 4 CP] Photo Finish On The Cards

Day 1,904, 04:44 Published in Australia Australia by Mr Crumpets

G'day eAustralia,

The first four to five hours of the eAustralia CP Election point to what could be best described as a Photo Finis.

Myself, Mr Crumpets is locked in a neck and neck race with Tim_Holtz.

We both seem to be getting small 'bursts of votes'. Tim has retained the lead, but it has see-sawed from being as far out as an 11 vote lead to be as slim as 1 vote the difference.



My election articles can be viewed here. Please take the time to read them and hopefully it will prove to you that I bring a professional approach to running Government.

As you'll agree, an impressive range of articles that were published daily.

This is rock solid proof that you are kept in the loop and you will get daily information from an elected Mr Crumpets Government.

Do you have a question for me that you felt was left unanswered by any of my articles?

Please feel free to send me a PM and I'll happily answer for you. In doing so, I hope I convince you to give me your vote.

I'll be able to answer your questions between 12:00 and 23:39 eRepublik time and will try to respond to all questions within an hour.

If you're looking for eAustralia to try a new path to the future, please vote for me, Mr Crumpets.



Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Day 1,904, 04:45


Could be the closest election since Cozza v Garvin Dreis v Sir C0nstant back in December 2009.

witherd1 Day 1,904, 11:47

Impressively close, this could be exciting. But Ill say it again, neither candidate is a REAL change for eAus. I would direct voters to the most capable FA's team personally, which would NOT consist of Larni Im sorry to say.

Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Day 1,904, 12:39

^ In the interest of being open and fair, Witherd1 is in Tim's FA team.
Witherd1 is the proposed Minister for Information for my team

BOUD1CCA Day 1,904, 13:30

Witherd is carrying baggage & has a personal agenda.

God help Larni now, where our proposed Minister of Information is in charge of, well Information I guess.

Just remember who you are working for witherd

Nicky3Fingers Day 1,904, 13:39

yeah...hell be working for Tim here in a few hours 😉 hahaha

witherd1 Day 1,905, 23:53

Hahaha, good call Nicky.

The only baggage Im carrying is Larni and Louise, and by crikey its a weight and a half.

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