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[Mr Crumpets 4 CP] Australia, it is time we made a decision

Day 1,903, 19:43 Published in Australia Australia by Mr Crumpets

Good Afternoon eAustralia,

In a few hours 00:00 on Day 1904 of the eRepublik will roll around and we'll go to the polls once again.

Many of the past CP elections we've all voted in have been personality battles. Just voting for who you like, rather than policy.


For the first time in a while, we have two candidates the appear similar in many areas, but in one major policy, there's a great divide.

We'll deal with that in a moment.

First though, for those who have been absent the last few days and missed my previous articles, I'll give a quick recap of my cabinet.

President (Prime Minister) - Mr Crumpets
Vice President (Deputy Prime Minister) - Infin
Chief of Staff - iRule777

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Americas - Scottty the Nuke
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Europe - Louise Brookes
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Asia/Pacific/Africa - Larni Kaddlestorm

Minister of Defence - Majester
Deputy Ministers of Defence - James Rellori & Arfman

Minister of Finance - MickSkitz
Finance Mentor - Venja

Minister of Immigration - Molly Jo

Minister of Information - Witherd1

Minister of Human Services - Reximus
Minister of Education - Vyrin the First
Director of Centrelink - WageSlave

This is a cabinet that mixes supporters with critics, experience with younger player.

It is not perfect... there is no such thing as a perfect cabinet... BUT I believe this is the cabinet that will do the tasks I ask them to do.

This cabinet will serve you, the citizens of eAustralia well.

As indicated at the top of the article, myself (Mr Crumpets) and Tim_Holtz agree on a lot of things, specially with domestic policies.

The only difference I see on that front is Information where Tim wants more of a 'cheerleader for the government' type department, where I prefer one of 'scrutiny'.

The elephant in the room is Foreign Affairs.

Since the announcement of my Foreign Affairs team a few days ago, you knew exactly where I stood. You knew I was going with a 'Get Tough' approach with our enemies Indonesia and Chile.

You knew that I believed it was time to say goodbye for a while to our brothers the USA as they would be heading down a different road (CoT) then us.

You knew that I advocated for new friendships, to see what best fits our country's goals and ambitions. You knew in senate that I was for an MPP and better relations with China, but you also knew I did the honourable thing and abstained due to my involvement in this election.

The question is, do you know what Tim_Holtz stands for?

As much as Tim is a nice guy and I've enjoyed chatting with him on Skype numerous times, the problem is, I don't and you don't know what he stands for.

That's not good. A leader must set their agenda, their goals, so the people can see if they agree with them, and if they are elected, can be measured against them.

From reading the Public Gallery it seems Tim_Holtz is wanting to talk to Indonesia, Chile, the USA and CoT about doing a deal/treaty.

What is he going to promise to them?

At what cost will this be to eAustralia?

How long will we be locked into this deal for?

Like I said, Tim_Holtz is a nice guy to chat, but just being a nice guy isn't enough. We need to know his plans, without them, he is just a 'Mystery Box' and who knows what unfortunate surprises might be inside.

Citizens of eAustralia.

It's a big world out there.

Just like as kids when we left primary school, we left some friends behind, not of ill will, but because we had a new journey to take.

We entered high school, continued the learning, but more importantly made new friends.

This best describes what you can expect from a Mr Crumpets Government.

The nations we meet might be from ASGARD, they might be ex-EDEN, they be from TWO or they might be neutral nations also looking for new friends.

Please, vote for me, Mr Crumpets and help our nation make new friends, so that one day, we can stand up to the nations that bully us.

This is my idea, my little seed in the ground and 'from little things, big things grow'.

I'm Mr Crumpets... and I'm ready to lead eAustralia

Founder, Senator and Party President of the Green and Gold Party
Former Producer of the Radio eAustralia News Podcast
Former Producer of Late Night Crumpet Podcast
Former Minister of Information
Former Campaign Manager of the eRepublik Alliance
Former Campaign Manager of the True Blue Party
... and much much more... sorry no steak knives included



Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Day 1,903, 19:47


BOUD1CCA Day 1,903, 19:59

There is really no choice.
Mr Crumpets for Australia - the only way to go \o/

Molly Jo
Molly Jo Day 1,903, 20:10

good luck Crum

Sir_c0nstant Day 1,903, 21:33


Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,903, 22:05

End the ARP dictatorship and restore freedom.

Tim_Holtz Day 1,903, 22:29

obviously you didnt read anything ive said.

i am not going to limit my CP term to making promises like "im going to be lulz with asgard" or something of the sort.

thats the issue, pushing an agenda with EDEN is stupidity, they are literally about to break up with the remnants joining CoT and TWO. ummmmmm hellooooo???

Asgard are struggling to hold their own area let alone push out and help others. plus they are completely dependent on EDEN for existence.

running a fear campaign is just bad and you should feel ashamed. "oh you dont know what Tim will do". um i told everyone exactly, talk to both sides and form an opinion after that.

siding with one before getting all facts is just going to hurt us as a nation. its ignorant and just painful to try to push that type of agenda.

its clear you dont get the entire Foreign Affairs situation it you are jumping on board with MPPing China, incase you werent aware China is target #1 and openly supporting them is giving the word that we arent even willing to talk at all (again stupidity)

in closing

dont do smear campaigns its just sad and proves you dont have anything to work on or that your policies arent good enough to get you elected so you opt to tear others down.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,903, 22:52

Now Tim if you put a much work into your articles as you did into that comment perhaps we would actually know what your plan for the nation is....

Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Day 1,903, 22:52

First of all Tim, I'm disappointed that you are trying to twists my words. If you win the race, I certainly hope you don't do that as a leader.

Siding with one nation DOES NOT mean joining a full alliance. Talk is China wants our of EDEN soon. Since they are close by and we have been on friendly terms in the past, it makes perfect sense to suss them out about an MPP and working together.

Tim, many of us are genuine in not knowing what you will do. I asked questions about about who would you talk to, what would you promise and how long would the deal last for... you haven't answered one of those questions in your attack on me.

I have a plan, and yes, it means getting tough (and little talk) with the 'occupiers of our country', but at least people know where I stand and what I propose to do.

My policies stand up for scrutiny, they've been outlined and I've appointed Witherd1 to keep my proposed government honest.

You have hinted at talks, but like I said, what are you putting on the table? The voters have a right to know, so it allows to make a decision with all the facts.

Tim_Holtz Day 1,904, 23:48

Larni ive already told you, its not my fault you either didnt read it or chose to ignore it

my plan is to actually talk with both sides, (shock horror) as ive been saying for the past week limiting us to 1 side does nothing helpful especially when a new CP comes into power. as we saw with the impeachment in chile there are alot of varying ideas in these countries. not only chile but also indonesia as there were a few impeachment attempts there too

this does NOT mean bowing down or being subjugated but actually talking is never useless as you seem to believe. at the very least we find out where the current governments of Indonesia and Chile stand.

openly giving them the finger only increases hostility and thats something we do not want.

i said that in my articles, obviously i need to put in in crayons for you larni.

Mr Crumpets siding with China makes 0% sense, obviously you havent been paying attention to the fact that brazil, USA, Indonesia, spain, bulgaria, russia, serbia and hungary have all made attempts to attack China in only the past 2 months. this is not something we want to get involved in by siding with the side that is struggling for survival in its own right.

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 1,904, 00:34


I have refrained in the end from becoming involved in this.

I'll be honest, I don't like the more explicit spin doctoring you do MC.

You can deny it, but I deal with people like you for a living and I'm sorry, I just can't stomach it on here generally, with people I consider friends (sad, I know). This more than anything else is why I think I find it challenging dealing with you in particular. Sorry for that.

I know we have our differences, and I don't want to rehash them.

So, I suppose all I can say is good luck.

Personally I will be voting for Tim. I don't need to see his policies to understand the person. And I like his approach as a person.

With you, I see your policies, but remain unsure of the person who will respond to changing scenario's and times this month.

If you win, good luck to you : ) - and, while I will not dog you during your term, I will watch and form my own opinions as an individual. If I share them, I assure you they will be from the heart AND mind.

Kind regards, and best wishes should you win.


Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,904, 00:36

Ranger endorsing the leader of the group who PTO'd the APP really?

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 1,904, 00:48

Nah it's not an endorsement. Which is why I didn't do any articles.

Sir_c0nstant Day 1,904, 00:50

why not Larni, he had already given the green light to destroy the GGP previously

witherd1 Day 1,904, 01:02

Funny Larni, the APP have endorsed Tim, so what say you about that PTO comment now?

As to "making a change" this term, lets face it, both candidates wont be much of a change, just an ever so slight sway in one direction or another. I dont think we will see any real change from either Government, but then, this coming term is about repair and building, or rebuilding foundations, not about change. So I dont think "make a change" is the right propaganda to be trying to sell right now.

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 1,904, 01:57

Wow. All I posted was my personal view on one article.

Ok guys, I get your views. Mine are mine. Let's agree to disagree.

I'll still shout you a beer in e-pub.


Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Day 1,904, 02:01

Are you serving now Ranger? I could do with double-shot of scotch.

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 1,904, 02:02

I'll visit there presently 😛

alimilano Day 1,904, 02:39

Sad to see MC is not supported by ANP, he was first who help us when ANP was PTOed and give his little party to fight against ptoers, hope ANP members will vote for you

Good Luck!

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,904, 03:04

"Funny Larni, the APP have endorsed Tim, so what say you about that PTO comment now?"

Cause the party has been PTO'd dumbass.

Tim_Holtz Day 1,904, 06:21

typical insults larni, im guessing you arent an advocate of actually getting along. what a great MoFA choice you are

Stolch Day 1,904, 07:06

All I know is that if a candidate is talking about hat his opponent is doing or not doing, it only means he has nothing to say hat he himself is doing or not doing. When one has no arguments of his own, he attacks the character of his opponents.

Haven't seen so much populism and opportunism in a CP campaign on eRep in a long time.

Nicky3Fingers Day 1,904, 07:35

good article MC i believe that you have some faults in your domestic ideas as well as your cabinet but the same can also be said about some things Tim has said...i have caste my vote for the person i think is the better option of the 2 good luck o7

Valentyme Day 1,905, 23:28

Personally no matter happens in the election both candidates will need to keep all options on the table. Talk to CoT first, if they are uninterested then its time to move on. But like I said talk to them first, don't blindly rush into any situation without exploring all options. Hasty decisions tend to be bad ones.

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