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[MOO] The Eight Opportunities of the Second Coming (Day 1908)

Day 1,908, 09:46 Published in Canada Canada by Addy Lawrence


The most recent CP elections have shown me that there is room in eCanada for an eprofessional, well-run and policy oriented political party in eCanada's top five. I've got some experience, and there is a skeleton of a party lingering around that once resembled that. Just like eCanada needs to bring itself back from the brink, I intend to do the same with MOO. On February 15th, I invite you to support me in the revitalization of both MOO and eCanada.

On the short version of the party platform...

Character platform:
Opportunity #1: Don't be a dick.
Opportunity #2: Pay It Foward.
Opportunity #3: Forgive and Forget
Opportunity #4: Act With Integrity

Game platform:
Opportunity #5: Be A Good Ally
Opportunity #6: Relentlessly Pursue Self-Sufficiency
Opportunity #7: Know Your Stuff
Opportunity #8: Government's Role Is To Provide A Competitive Advantage

Full run-down available below.

On the PP campaign...

This will be my one and only article campaigning for PP of MOO. I am about to head out of country on vacation and will have limited access to internet during that time. That said, I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting things going in MOO and eCan when I get back.

eCan has always been light on policy parties and MOO has always had a distinct identity. Some consider it cheeseburger, some consider it family, either way, it will be an option again in eCan.


The second coming of MOO won't be a repeat of the first iteration. This is not a party predicated on fiscal policy. MOO will be rooted in creating opportunity for its members by the character and strategy that you bring to the game mechanics and game environment.

The first four opportunities deal with character.

Opportunity #1: Don't be a dick.
Observe Wheaton's Law of the Internet. Nuff said.

Opportunity #2: Pay It Foward.
Create opportunities for other citizens through the recognition of others and the support of others. If you are still playing this game, it is because somebody in-game treated you the way you want to be treated. Overproduction is rampant in this game, share it and provide to others. You can't take it with you, Pay It Forward

Opportunity #3: Forgive and Forget
Nobody is perfect. Not everyone is will to accept their own fallability and seek forgiveness or to actively repent. MOO is not for those who hold grudges, for there is no opportunity in a resolute position to hate or troll. There is opportunity if you are willing to forgive and forget.

Opportunity #4: Act With Integrity
Say what you will do. Do what you say. There will be failures, accept them and recognize your role in that. There will be successes, accept them and recognize others.

The last four opportunities deal with the game environment:

Opportunity #5: Be A Good Ally
This is an international war game. There is no opportunity to thrive as a nation without being a relevant member of a relevant alliance. Be a good ally and sign MPPs with your alliance members, fight in your alliance's battle priorities, attend alliance meetings, participate in the media of your alliance.

Opportunity #6: Relentlessly Pursue Self-Sufficiency
Your opportunity in-game expands as you become self-sufficient in food and tank supply. Always rank up your citizen with the goal of being self-sufficent.

Opportunity #7: Know Your Stuff
If you understand the mechanics of the game, you create opportunities. If you don't, you deny yourself opportunities. Know the in-game deadlines for candidacy of various political positions. Actively manage the mechanics of your MU (daily orders and priorities) and your party (party positions and ballot ranking). Use the shout feeds. It is very painful to lose an edge in game simply because you didn't understand the mechanics of the game, just ask Tembutt.

Opportunity #8: Government's Role Is To Provide A Competitive Advantage
This is a war game and countries interact with each other. Each country's performance in-game is dependent upon how that country's government positions itself relative to the game environment. If you don't have a competitive advantage, you will not perform well. Competitive advantages can exist in population, economic bonus, treasury balances, and strength of the alliance you are in. Opportunity derives from competitive advantage.


Party Founder, President, and Director of Policy - Addy Lawrence

Consider joining Ministry of Opportunity (MOO) today.



Plugson Day 1,908, 09:46


Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,908, 09:47

Please consider voting and shouting this article:

Join the herd

Plugson Day 1,908, 09:48

But this is all 'roleplay' and has nothing to do with game mechanics or the economy.
Can Wheaton's Law and 8 related Opportunities actually give us an edge in the game?

TheyCallMeBugs Day 1,908, 09:54

Woof ... no that's not it ... Meow ... nooo ... Quack ... lol noo ... Tweet ... I give up 🙂

Plugson Day 1,908, 09:57

"If you don't have a competitive advantage, you will not perform well. Competitive advantages can exist in population, economic bonus, treasury balances, and strength of the alliance you are in. Opportunity derives from competitive advantage."

Over the last few days, I noticed something rather unfortunate happening. My MU has been shedding high ranked players, at least 1 GoW and several Legendary Forces. Now, if they were moving to another MU, then I'd say we just needed to work harder to retain members. However, these players left for other countries. Some went for better production bonuses for sure, maybe some left because we were wiped. I do know that our population increased as we attracted veteran players to eCanada during the war with Spain. Getting them to stay here depends on two main things:
1) Well organized MUs
2) A good political/community environment
3) Production Bonuses

We only have 1 of those things (good MUs), and could easily have 2 (good politics). The 3rd one (Production Bonuses) may be a lofty goal right now but we sure as hell can't get there without #1 and #2.

Plugson Day 1,908, 10:07

Small suggestion to modify this Opportunity:
Opportunity #6: Relentlessly Pursue Self-Sufficiency
"become self-sufficient in food and tank supply"

These days it's not just self-supply, but also self-sufficiency in Strength Training. Getting the right three Q4 training grounds (minus the Special Forces Center) will allow a player to produce 50 Str/day at Zero cost (except the ton of Gold needed to upgrade). But essentially, it is self-sufficient strength training by that point.

Edmond.D Day 1,908, 10:14


CptKaydee Day 1,908, 10:55


Yuri Kaczynski
Yuri Kaczynski Day 1,908, 11:31


Ralph Kline
Ralph Kline Day 1,908, 11:44

Good to see!

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,908, 12:28

MOO the first 3 letters in MOOSE. Coincidence? I think not. Got moose?

ErickLeRouge Day 1,908, 12:50

I second the motion. I am ready to back it up

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,908, 14:32


Rigour6 Day 1,908, 18:43

My two cents:
1. There's a lot of logic in these opportunities.
2. I can't claim to speak for how a "top-level" Player sees the world, but I don't think it's all about competitive advantage, although admittedly some of it is. I played for years in eCanada and never once minded that it cost me an advantage - if anything I wore that as a badge of pride. But when you see shenanigans costing the team even a marginal advantage, suddenly your sacrifice seems less patriotic and more like being taken.

Put another way: I never resented not having a two car garage. But when some idiot set fire to my one car garage, yeah I was quite ticked about that.

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,909, 00:12

So in other words, Addy4CP. Is it March or April?


*Pulls out cattle prod in readiness

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,918, 18:18

No intentions of running for CP

crisfire Day 1,909, 18:46

good stuff

Randall Flagg 1999
Randall Flagg 1999 Day 1,910, 12:54


Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Day 1,910, 22:19

nice article

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