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[MoLA] Good Congress Guide

Day 1,925, 06:16 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Department for Education

Welcome all new and returning congress members. Please read the following information on what it is to be in congress along with the proposals, debating and guidelines surrounding this.

What is congress?

Congress is a group of people who have been elected to represent the eUK, pursue her best interests and provide the necessary check and balances within government. Congress should be open and willing to work with the government, and indeed their own party agenda, however should not blindly follow but instead strive to understand and decide for themselves. Congress is an excellent place to be as many different political minds and methodologies meet which, provided we all work towards the common ground of a better eUK, make debate and discussion a fantastic dimension to eRepublik.

So what can you do in congress?

Congressional power is purely in game and is governed by game mechanics since the abolition of external rulings. As such the proposals you can place are:

Change Taxes- A Congressman can propose to change the income tax, import tax, or VAT tax. The income tax is a tax on the peoples' salary. The import tax is a tax on good purchased food or weapons from foreign countries. The VAT is a tax on weapons and food in the eUK.

Donations- A congressman can propose to donate currency or gold to a government orginization (such as Bank of England) The proposed quantity of currency or gold will be unusable during the 24hr voting period. If it is passed, the currency or gold will be donated. If it is denied, the currency or gold will be returned to the government.

Issue Money- A congressman can propose exchanging the country's gold into currency. There is a tax of .005 gold/1 GBP

Minimum Wage- A congressman can propose to change the minimum wage. The minimum wage can never drop below .10 GBP.

Natural Enemy- A Congressman can propose a neighboring country as a Natural Enemy. If passed, a war between the countries will be opened and the aggressor country will get a bonus of 10% damage.

President Impeachment- A Congressman can propose an impeachment. If passed (>66% of vote), the current President will be removed and the candidate that placed second in the most recent election will take his place.

Discussion is key!

So you can now see what you can propose as part of congress. However proposals won’t normally be successful unless you discuss it with your fellow congress members first.

There are 3 main ways of proposal and subsequent discussion. I strongly suggest that you wait around 24hrs before actually proposing the law to allow everyone a chance to see your information and have a chance to respond!

1) Articles

This would have to be my prefered method of congress proposal - you have an idea write an article about it! Be sure to include why, what you think the impact would be and pros/cons. Be respectful your article, your comments and remember that we’re all on the same team!

2) On the forums

Another good way that should be used in conjunction to the articles is the forums. Found here the forums allow everyone to see and post comments and discussion on your proposal. Feel free to start a thread in the “Public Discussion” Area of the forum!

3) The in-game message system

Lastly - if you want to propose something you can do it through the congressional PMs that will be sent out. They lack the formality and visibility of the other two methods - so I would suggest using one (or both!) of these if possible. Myself or another cabinet minister will move the message across the PM’s to ensure that everyone sees it.

Citizenship Procedure

Citizenship Form:
Citizenship Responses:

System is as follows:

Applicant fills in form
MoLA gives suggested level and Yes/No Answer
- Level 3 - General Advice
- Level 2 - Official Government Position
- Level 1 - CP Directive (only issued by the CP!) - Please follow this.
Congress decides what to do with that information

Transparent, Visible and Very Clear. Power remains with congress but allows for government influence when required (rare circumstances) and only at direct command of Country President.

Thanks for your time

To a successful term!

~ Madacaion


Department for Education Day 1,925, 06:16

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Rfeist Day 1,925, 06:21

voted o7

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Day 1,925, 06:41

Great article Voted

WayneKerr Day 1,925, 06:43

*rubs eyes*

What is this before me? An MoLA article...

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,925, 07:41

New Era members please talk in our policy group and to our congress leader before putting forward any new laws etc ! Also there is a congress mass mail which talks and informs all congress on upcoming laws etc

All congress members please be active , take the role serious , get writing , think of new ideas, make new friends in other counties , promote the UK the best you can and have fun !

WayneKerr Day 1,925, 09:17

UKPP ahead of the curve once again...

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,925, 07:42


Jimbobfrey Day 1,925, 08:08

Great article, Mada.

Strength and Honour

lancer450 Day 1,925, 09:54


Sir Ethan William Woodhouse
Sir Ethan William Woodhouse Day 1,926, 13:48


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