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[MoI] New PPs

Day 1,823, 13:34 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Hunter4Life123

New Party Presidents!

Swiss Liberal Party: Hunter4Life123

Anti-Imperialist Movement: Trogdorthetroll100

The Others: Cronoss

Swiss Freedom Party: Kliment E. Voroshilov

Swiss Revolutionary Party: Alexandre Walen

Swiss Reform Coalition: Asmadi

Swiss Peace Party: pero1q

Swiss People's Party: powerown64

New World Order: Dan/naD Wilshire

eRSwiss: had2goaway





Dan/naD Wilshire
Dan/naD Wilshire Day 1,823, 13:36

I voted because I am in the article ; )

Hunter4Life123 Day 1,823, 13:38

lol dan. well i guess i voted too since im in it and i made it : P

Alexandre Walen
Alexandre Walen Day 1,823, 13:46

Voted ! (:

Asmadi Day 1,823, 14:24

this picture... use the dildo, not a gun

Hunter4Life123 Day 1,823, 14:44

please, asmadi...

Rican Day 1,824, 00:48


Cronoss Day 1,824, 01:04

" this picture... use the dildo, not a gun "

Perv! : ))

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