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[MoI] [ENG] Update - eR Summit 2012

Day 1,845, 14:22 Published in Egypt Cuba by Ali Gual

Good night everybody,

After reading many articles about the eRepublik meeting in Romania, we can get some information. The daily order had already advised us that they were going to show a new battle system and a different maps.

As a first point, the map will be seen like this:

It’s a kind of map non based on flash where active battles will be shown in an interactive way, where we will be able to drill down the region and its features. One of the most important points is that it’s expected not to be as usually crashed as now.

Also the map is going to be the starter point for the new changes not announced yet by the game, which are going to have a geographic base in their nature.

We didn’t found screenshots of the new military module of PvP, but how it works is fairly simple. During the normal fight, after few kills, you’ll be given the option to join a PvP queue to fight face to face with other players, in live. Already in beta version you could have such confrontation in live.

The player enters in an unique battle background where he/she will use new weapons and equipment, which will be sold by Plato, to fight against another player from the other side. The one who wins the PvP combat, earns points to generate influence to move the bar for his/her country.

If there is no other players online to participate in PvP, nor the battle is in its last minutes, it won’t be a chance to join the PvP battle.

This point is going to be a new expansion or an addition of the actual battle module. The rewards are unknown, but will allow players to face to face with some of their most hated rivals in the battlefield. If you have the appropriate hit, for instance, you'd be able to go toe to toe with Romper or ScymeX or any of the other famous (or infamous) tanks.

Update 11/12/2012 ==========================================================

Update of different sources
If you decide to enter in the PvP, you‘ll be fighting with someone similar to you in experience and strength. The player has the options of moving, fighting, making a defensive movement, and there are new weapons, as sniper rifle, bombs, etc., but those won’t be made with raw and will be used only there, not in the normal battlefield. The requests to enter in the PvP mode are having 100 health points, not being at the end of the round and having some storage space. The last thing is because the winner of the face to face, in addition to the rank points and the experience, will be able to steal some things from the defeated opponent’s storage. This point has to be confirmed because it could be a candy or a huge problem.

The next changes are not confirmed but may succeed in the near future:
- The captains are no longer elected. Only the commander of the MU can select them.
- The DO of the captains won’t change the commander order.
For example: The commander chooses the battle with Iran and the captain for Colombia, there will be two options and the commander’s as a priority.

The MU will be able to block you even if you desire to enter. An important added point is the possibility of sharing the storage in the MU, as an ORG can. Also having its own factories, and the commander can send the benefits to the members.

The alliances in the game, as EDEN or CoT will be an ingame reality. One point is that the alliance won’t be from any country. Entering in an alliance will be a public decision, using the congress votes to confirm it or not. It will be a president exclusive proposal.

By now, there isn’t more information about the topic. We hope to improve and contrast these data.

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Ahileuss Day 1,845, 14:32

nice work friend!

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V + S

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V! perfecte!

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 1,849, 12:24

Great summary Ali Gual

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