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[MoHA] Stats on MoHA & Grab Bags!

Day 2,284, 19:09 Published in Belgium Romania by eBe Raw

eBelgian Citizens,

Eight days ago, the Ministry of Home Affairs took over the daily operations of the National Health Service and since then it has expanded to 11 members. Over 28,986 health has been donated to these new players in an effort to help them grow and become stronger. Below are some charts showing a couple of statistics relating to the National Health Service over the past 8 days. A full record of the organisation can be found here.

Obviously, a lot of the statistics are directly related to each other. If the increase in experiences rises as a whole, so does the amount of health received (up to a cap of 1000 health each). As mentioned in the previous article, about 100,000 health was raised by a number of citizens (most of whom were not even eBelgian!) and in one week about one-third of that has been used. It really doesn't take a lot to help out - even 10 BEF is very welcome! You can either send donations to Viridi (MoHA) or MrWonka (CP).

/end begging for donations

As promised, I wanted to announce the start of a scheme with the intention that it will not only generate money for the state, but also be fun and engaging for people (although this remains to be seen 😛). A lot of other countries have picked up on the idea also, in which a set amount of 'bags' containing different prizes are sold of for a fixed amount of CC each. Everyone who participates is a winner, although some more than others. It's all down to luck! The scheme will start in a few days once funding has been secured; however, the different prizes can be seen below.

5 bags - 1 Q7 weapon
5 bags - 1 Q5 food
15 bags - 5 Q7 weapons
15 bags - 250x Q5 food
13 bags - 250x Q5 food + 5x Q7 weapons
12 bags - 3 Q1 moving tickets + 100 Q5 food + 5 Q7 weapons
10 bags - 200 CC + 100 Q5 food
10 bags - 300 CC
8 bags - 750 Q5 food + 5 Q7 weapons
3 bags - 25 Q7 weapons
2 bags - 400 CC + 10 Q7 weapons
1 bag - 500 CC + 1 gold + 5 Q7 weapons + 250 Q5 food

There are 100 bags total, each being sold for 250 CC. When all the bags are sold, the allocation of the prizes will be determined randomly and then announced to everyone.

More updates soon. o/

Warm regards,
Minister of Home Affairs



Mr. Wonka
Mr. Wonka Day 2,284, 19:22

\o/ Supported

Viridi Day 2,284, 19:38


Niemand Day 2,285, 23:45

Voted o7

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,285, 23:54


SX80 Day 2,285, 01:51


Chihiroh Day 2,285, 04:33


but wait, if I get one bag for 250BEF and I fall on one with 1 Q5 food, am I really winning? 😛

Viridi Day 2,285, 05:42

Yes. :3

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,285, 17:06

Everyone is a winner, be a sport... 😃

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,285, 17:07


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