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[MoHA] Opinion Poll: The Results (Part 2)

Day 1,823, 14:27 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Belgium Incorporated

Hello Belgium!

This is Part 2 of the opinion poll he asked a week or so ago, it’s mostly about how the forums and community are constructed but also includes a question on religion and a nation slogan.

I hope you enjoy!


[Gave a 1] “Get rid of the current admin team.”
[Gave a 5]”A good community, but there should be more recruiting of younger players.”
[Gave a 8]”I really think that there are much more players trying to do good things and trying to find some ways to improve the community, than there are people trying to undermine it. These people are communicating a lot, but we just have to ignore them, or let some of our best politicians to take the fight against them, and marginalise them.”
[Gave a 7]”It lacks unity, being 1 nation instead of factions.”
[Gave a 6]”The community has many divides for reasons I don't understand.”
[Gave a 3]”A big part of the "Community" just live in their bubble, inside their own forum and IRC world, and they don't really care about or value the players that stay on the core-game without going on the forum or IRC, which seem to be considered as eBelgium sub-citizens. And that's a reason why we often have a lack of informations about what's going on in the Newspapers. Too many players feel like everything should be on the forum (informations, debates, ...). Too bad.”
[Gave a 4]”Our community is full of hate and stored-up aggravation toward one another. This really needs to be worked on, because without a functional community arguments and insults are commonplace.”
[Gave a 7]”We have two sites in eBe => one part is alway's negative on anything and the other part is trying to make things work....Some Members of Congress misbehave by putting NE proposals to vote without consensus or excepting citizens without approvel of the IO... “
[Gave a 5]”good community, but could use more activitiness and fun:D”
[Gave a 7]”There are some people in our community that don't even care about the others or are very impolite. This is a shame for our community, hopefully there are some people who are very kind and respectful of the others”

Any recommendations, queries, suggestions, complaints left about the forum?

“”Yes, too much flamming, people who accusate without any proof just to make noises or try to make the others leaving...”
“Let the admins again moderate and let congress stop appointing moderators”
“no unnecessary bans, quit being anal about the way people choose to express themselves. oh and .. I dunno I alost never visit “
“Everything. Remove the admins immediately & replace.”
“I am not using it enough to give my opinion on this right now, but I will. the only thing I can talk about is that the admin have to be more severe against the trouble makers.”
“NLSP rules the fora”
“stop the censorship. stop punishing expressing ones opinions”

Do you have anything to add?

“I'm tired”
“I want a eWife .. 🙁
“Sometimes, a referendum / poll is good to have a thought on what the eBelgian people want.”
“Very good initiative. All players can express their thoughts, and that's a good thing.”
“Keep doing it well, we're worth it.”

Do you have a good slogan in mind for eBelgium?

“Building up our nation together.”
“Bier en Tetten!”
“United we stand, divided we fall!”
“eBelgium, where all dicks are pointing at each other (as opposed to: in the same direction)”
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”
“Cooke4444 is horrible”

Here you can send a message to the actual government or to one or more members of it:

“Let's do our best to make eBelgium a better place!”
“Give me free beer”
“Just do it ! We can do, we must stay in our unity and don't forget nobody is perfect.
Good luck!”
“Don't forget to have the results of the poll published!”

Take care,
The MoHA department.



NLSP Day 1,823, 14:34

voted 🙂

boer jan
boer jan Day 1,823, 15:39

mmm, there is some work to do

Niemand Day 1,823, 16:41

Lots of work to do I think.
Most interesting for me:
“”Yes, too much flamming, people who accusate without any proof just to make noises or try to make the others leaving...”
That made me leave eBE long time ago.
I know you cannot satisfy everyone, but at least a friendly community can get people stay involved.

I do hope eBE will prosper.

shadowukcs Day 1,823, 17:43

Niemand, I think that all falls back on undemocratically elected and dictatorial admins who constantly abuse their powers and have been doing so for years.

that is imo a major problem that has been plaguing eBE for a long time now

Perry Rhodan
Perry Rhodan Day 1,824, 23:28

Good luck solving these issues!

Like Niemand I left eBelgium not because of differences in opinion but because of the trolling, flaming and the personal attacks. I don't think elected forum admins will solve anything as forum admins should be selected on their ability to be impartial and elections will only give you more party politics and less impartiality.

BelgiumGeneral Day 1,824, 02:40

Nice article 😃

shadowukcs Day 1,824, 04:08

Perry: impartial forum admins is exactly what the problem is.

Cooke4444 Day 1,824, 05:24

I feel attacked by the gov...

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,824, 06:22

Fail Belgium
Fail COT

Jeiry Day 1,825, 01:14

Shadow, according to the numbers above (in the poll), Admins don't seem to be the main problem. But you might be part of it. ; )

Ely.nea Day 1,825, 07:33


Viridi Day 1,825, 12:28

surprised at how well people rate inactive admins, but w/e

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