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[MoHA] Guide to.... Ministries of the eU.K.!

Day 1,900, 16:58 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by eUK Home Office

Hello all!

GameChanger here, with a new “guide to” article!

Today we will be covering the different ministries of the eU.K., and their jobs! I’ve covered the active, large ministries. I’m sorry I haven’t been publishing much as of late, my computer was in the shop for a bit, and writing on mobile is a royal pain in the arse. Anyway, I’m back, and Ayame is working on an economic guide for you in the coming days.

CP: While this isn’t technically a “Ministry”, it is a crucial part of the eU.K. government. The CP is the head of state, and is the most powerful person in cabinet. While he does not technically have full control over his ministers, what the CP says in official matters is almost always what is implemented. The current CP is BigAnt.

MoFA: The MoFA is the Foreign Office of the eU.K. It conducts relations with other countries, and our alliance, TWO. They make sure we know about what is going on in other countries, mostly through the use of articles. They are instrumental in providing a face to the U.K. for other countries. The current MoFA’s are Jimbojoy and 5butjam.

MoD: The MoD nay seems similar to the MoFA, but it serves a different purpose entirely. The MoD is the military coordinator of the eU.K. They send out orders to the captains and commanders of all the major MU’s so that they can be efficient with damage, and serve their alliance and country effectively. During wartime, the MoD also supplies eU.K. citizens and TWO fighters with tanks to win battles. The current MoD’s are FragUK and Garth Lidlington

MoF: One of the most underrated, but most important ministries. ]Carlini8 has been the MoF for a few months now, and he has done an admirable job in these harsh economic times. The MoF’s purpose is to assist in making money and managing the
Finances of the eU.K. With low tax returns and a depressed economy, Carlini8 has really come through in protecting our MPP stack when other small countries have seen their finances crumble.

MoHA: Obviously the most important ministry, considering I’m heading it. But to be serious, the MoHA’s job is to inform the general public through guides and being a general help on IRC and the forums. Guides like these help young players understand the game better (I hope), and can clarify questions older players might have. The current MoHA’s are Ayame Crocodile and me, GameChanger

MoH: The MoH is a ministry whose job has evolved recently. Originally, the MoH ran the NHS MU, and was in charge of supplying young players. Unfortunately, with the budget cuts, the NHS MU is no longer in existence, and the role of actual money in the MoH’s job has been reduced. The MoH still supplies, but it has taken on a role more similar to that of the MoHA. Now, the MoH gives a good amount of one-on-one mentoring, helping young players start out in the country. The current MoH is Jimbobfrey

MoLA: The MoLA position is a tough job. The MoLA’s job is to make sure that laws are enforced, and that people on the forums and IRC are respecting one another. The MoLA also is the government’s auditor. It makes sure that there are no problems with the government. The MoLA also plays a part in the citizenship process, making sure PTO’ers and trolls do not get into the country. The MoLA keeps a gdoc of all applicants for citizenship, and thoroughly vets them. The current MoLA is Talon Karrde

Whew! So there you have it! A good picture of the government, and what it does. I hope you have found this article to be both informative and interesting (to an extent). I am sorry to announce that I will not be seeking the MoHA job next term, not because I dislike the job, quite the opposite. The term after next I will probably be begging the candidates to let me back in. No, I am just going to focus more on my party and my job in congress. However, if you have any questions you need resolved, please contact me at any time.

Thank you, GameChanger


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