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[MoHA] Guide to.... Acronyms!

Day 1,891, 15:29 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by eUK Home Office

Hello all!

This one needs a bit of explaining. I was planning to write this article on my own, but I realized that James Scarlet had already written it. With his permission, I am putting it in this newspaper, and adding more complex explanations of the terms inside. However, I am going to give the most credit for this to James, because the base skeleton of this article is all his.

So, without further ado, here is the Guide to Acronyms.


HW - Hard Worker (Working for thirty days)
This is one of the first medals new players get, assuming they work every day. It is a good way to estimate a person’s age as well

SB - Society Builder (10 recruits that hit level 10)
Most people don’t ever get one of these. However, there are a few people who have loads of them. In order to get one, you have to invite at least 10 people to the game. These people then have to reach level 10. It is hard to get people to join this game, but every once in a while, a player starts a baby boom in their country, and gets a lot of these medals

BH - Battle Hero (Have the highest influence in a battle)
Fairly simple in definition, harder to do in reality. BH’s are what you get for doing the most damage in a battle. Depending on your division, you can get from 2 to 5 gold.

CH - Campaign Hero (Have the highest influence in a campaign)
Similar to the BH in execution, but very hard to get unless you buy gold.

CP - Country President (Become Country President)
Obviously, not many people have one of these. You have to be a master politician, and have a large base of support. Players who get these are usually older players.

RH - Resistance Hero (Support a Resistance War and liberate a region)
Getting this medal requires more skill than you might think. You have to pick your battles carefully. Most RW’s fail, but if you know where a training war is going on, you can get an RH medal fairly easily.

MM - Medial Mogul (Achieved by getting 1000 subscribers to your newspaper)
VERY hard to get, considering the falling amount of people in this game, and the low amount of people in the eU.K. It takes time, talent, and a lot of patience.

Merc - Mercenary (fight for fifty other nations)
Not ridiculously hard to get, as most p[eople can get 25 kills a day, meaning it just takes some time. People dedicated to getting these are sometimes reffered to as Mercenaries, for they usually have little loyalty to their home country.

TP - True Patriot (fight for your country)
These are what you could condsider the opposite of the Merc. Medal. You get these for fighting for your own country. They get progressively harder get as time goes on, because unlike the other medals, it takes more and more effort to get to the next medal

SS - Super Soldier (awarded every 250 strength)
These used to be fairly hard to get, before the different qualities of training grounds were put into the game. Now, a person with fully upgraded free and level 2 training grounds can get 5 gold every 9 days or so.


WRM - Weapons Raw Material
Used to create weapons. Higher quality weapons require more.
FRM - Food Raw Material
Used to create food. As with weapons, it takes more FRM to get better quality food
MM - Monetary Market
Where a player can buy and sell gold for currency
CC - Country Currency (ex. GBP)
The currency of a player. You used to be able to exchange different types of currency, like in real life, but that was taken out. Now, each currency is worth the same as every other one
G – Gold
The other form of currency in eRepublik. It is far more valuble than currency, and is used to buy companies and special products. It is possible to buy Gold with real money, although only a few players do this

Qs - Quality. (The stars on a product)
The different qualities of food mean how much health you gain from consuming them. The different qualities of weapons change the amount of times you can use a weapon, and how much damage you can do.


MPP - Mutual Protection Pact- There are two types of alliance in the game. There are big, multination, unofficial alliances, and there are MPP’s. An MPP is signed by two countries. What it does it that it puts the other countries battles on the “allies’ battles” tab. It also lets MU’s from the respective countries set their DO’s to the allied nation’s battles.

PM - Prime Minister (British term for CP)
CP and vCP - Country President and Vice Country President, respectively
MoFA - Minister of Foreign Affairs
MoHA - Minister of Home Affairs
MoD - Minister of Defence
MoE - Minister of Education
MoF - Minister of Finance
MoJ - Minister of Justice
MoLA - Minister of Legislative Affairs
PP - Party President
TUP - The Unity Party
UKRP - United Kingdom Reform Party
ESO - Every Single One
PCP - People's Communist Party
UKPP - United Kingdom Progressive Party
NE - New Era
1V/OV - One Vision
PTO - Political Take Over
ATO - Anti Take Over
CoT - Circle of Trust (Alliance)- A alliance that we are friends with
EDEN - Erepublik Defense & Economic Network (Alliance)- An enemy alliance
TWO - The World is Ours (Alliance)- The alliance we are part of


RW - Resistance War
This is a war started in a region so that the original owners can win it back. They usually fail, but if planned correctly, they can provide a way to regain lost regions. MPP’s do not count in RW’s, it is just the occupant’s forces against the rebeller’s forces.

FF - Food fights (Used to describe how many fights you have left using the eat food button; current energy/10)

CotD - Campaign of the day (The most important battle available, set by the CP)
NE - Natural Enemy (10% bonus influence in battle; selected by Congress)

TW - Training War
These wars are initiated between two nations who have good relations, but do not have the same MPP’s. The function of these wars are to provide entertainment to the citizens, and allow players to get TP Medals.

MU - Military Unit. Most players are part of an MU, as they form a tight community, while also allowing members to gain bazookas, which are some the most powerful weapons in the game.

DO – The daily order, set by the commander or the captains of an MU.


erep/ eRep - eRepublik!
LP - Loyalty Points (gained by buying gold with real life cash)
CS - Citizenship
EP/XP - Experience Points
tbf - To Be Fair
tbh - To Be Honest

If I missed any acronyms that you feel are important to young players, please comment below! Sorry about the wait, I had a lot of RL work to do last week, but I should be back up to full scale production this week.

Thanks for reading!

James Scarlet



CptChazbeard. Day 1,891, 15:39

James Scarlet
James Scarlet Day 1,891, 15:44


My pleasure to help you out, GameChanger. Besides, it is a much better guide than mine.

Perhaps I will join the MoHA next term to sharpen my skills.

Rfeist Day 1,891, 15:50

Voted o7

GameChanger Day 1,891, 15:51

Sounds good!

With Josh gone, the MoHA will need more peopl

klop123 Day 1,891, 17:57

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Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,891, 21:29


Great article as always

m55uds Day 1,891, 22:18

very nice article...

Marsylianka Day 1,892, 05:01

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Arthur Coull
Arthur Coull Day 1,892, 07:50

Voted, a good show!

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,892, 10:57

RL - real life : )

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Salma Deny
Salma Deny Day 1,930, 23:56

Nice article. : )

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