[MoFA] TW Agreement eIndo - eSingapore

Day 4,349, 04:18 Published in Indonesia Indonesia by MoFA Republic Of eIndonesia

Good Day eWorld

I would like to update our Agreement with eSingapore for Training War in Sumatra and Singapore City


Training War Agreement
eIndonesia - eSingapore


1. Both Countries must announce this agreement with the official country newspaper as a sign this agreement applies to both country.
2. Both countries must maintain and obey this agreement until this agreement ends.
3. Both Countries must coordinate the party to follow this agreement.

Region : Sumatra and Singapore City
Duration : A month and can extended for 30 days later.

Technical Guide (ping-pong) :
1. eIndonesia will attacking Singapore City and lose in there.
2. eSingapore will defending Singapore City and keep the Singapore City region
3. eSingapore will attacking Sumatra and lose in there.
4. eIndonesia will defending Sumatra and keep the Sumatra region

Force Majeur:
- if eIndonesia win at Singapore City, eSingapore will do the RW, and then eIndonesia should release it to eSingapore.
- if eSingapore win at Sumatra, eSingapore should release it to eIndonesia

Payment: None


Updates to the agreement
Updates will take place after both of Country President or Minister of Foreign Affair agree to update the agreement by attaching an addendum document or revising this agreement.

Termination of the agreement
Termination can be done when both parties decide to end this TW.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties here to have executed this MOU on the October 16th, 2019 (Day 434😎


Indonesia Country President
October - November 2019

Fried Nietzsche
eIndonesia Minister of Defense

eIndonesia Minister of Foreign Affair

eSingapore Side

eSingapore Country President and Prime Minister
October - November 2019

eSingapore Minister of Defense

eSingapore Minister of Foreign Affairs

Warm regards,
MoFA of eIndonesia